• Best In Show & Runner-Up Best In Show

    Grand Ch Brunswick Shah & Ch Kimlise Isobella Ximenex


1 April 2002

I would first like to thank the Vizsla Club of NSW for inviting me to do their Specialty and secondly, to thank the exhibitors for bringing me such exciting dogs to judge. The depth of quality was a pleasant surprise, they could compete and hold their own against the best the USA has to offer. The standard of presentation and handling of the exhibits was outstanding. I found it difficult to believe that all the handlers were not professionals. Not once was I forced to request an exhibit be repositioned to show its best features.

My Best In Show winner was difficult to fault. A true aristocrat, combining elegance yet substance, he exuded breed type. Moving effortlessly around the ring, he was handled to perfection. An outstanding show dog he still gave the overall impression that he could do an excellent day’s work in the field.

The Reserve Challenge dog was an outstanding youngster. At 11 months he has it all, and just needs a little more maturity. It is one of the great pleasures for a Judge to find the new rising star, and this young dog shows every promise of being a great one.

My CC Bitch was also elegant, very typical and difficult to fault. Indeed, separating these three dogs was a very challenging and pleasurable assignment, they were all of such high quality. Contratulations to the owners, Breeders and handlers, they were a delight to judge.

Judging this show will remain one of the highlights of my judging career. I would like to commend the dedicated Breeders who through their breeding programs and careful selection of imported stock, have produced such excellent quality exhibits.

Gyn Gerhardt

BABY PUPPY DOG (1 entry, absent)
MINOR PUPPY DOG (4 entries)

1st – Kimlise Lennor (Neaves)
Minor Puppy In Show
Lovely extension front and rear.

2nd – Vizamy Ash (Butler)
Very nice mover. Would prefer a bit more refinement in the head.

3rd – Hubertus Just For Fun (Blaik)
Adequate dog in all aspects but not as nice as #1 or #2.

PUPPY DOG (1 entry)

1st – Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp UK) (Harris)
Reserve Challenge Dog / Puppy In Show
Classic head piece and breed type. Nice easy mover with good balance and superb extension fore and aft.

JUNIOR DOG (5 entries, 1 absent)

“My Junior dogs were not as impressive as my previous class”

1st – Amand Of Szep-Allat (Imp NZ) (Taylor)
Junior In Show
Had good balance with nice reach and rear extension.

2nd – Kivalo Southern Cross (Imp NZ) (King)
Could use a bit more balance of structure.

3rd – Vizamy Garnet (Vuorinen)
Nicely balanced dog, but would prefer a dog with a bit more refinement.


1st – Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Bazel (Quinn)
Lovely breed type. Nice movement and well balanced.


1st – Ch Palaway Winters Moon (Macken)
Converged nicely in the front and had very nice balance.

2nd – Ch Ciganyoz Redstorm Rising (AI) (Metcalfe)
Was nice, but did not use himself as efficiently.

3rd – Ch Hubmistil Bronze Edition (Blaik)
A nice dog overall, but a bit too much in bone.

OPEN DOG (4 entries)

1st – Gr Ch Brenwick Shah (Salter & Meagher)
Challenge Dog / Open In Show
Excellent breed type. Superbly balanced dog with an easy stride and with good reach and rear extension. The very essence of this dog defines breed type with his movement, he is balanced in all aspects. His mature appearance exudes a true hunter capable of working in the field. A very impressive Vizsla.

2nd – Ch Kimlise The Lamplighter (Neaves)
Equally nice but would like a smoother shoulder placement.

3rd – Gr Ch & Am Ch Ciganyoz Key Largo (AI) CD (Metcalfe)
Found this dog to move a bit wider in front than I prefer.

BABY PUPPY BITCH (0 entries)

1st – Vizamy Ebony (Dunstan)
An easy mover with good depth of ribcage.

2nd – Daingeann Ceilideh (Mitchell)
A reluctant mover today. Perhaps when she matures may do very well.

PUPPY BITCH (1 entry)

1st – Vizamy Cedar (Slattery)
This is a very nice specimen. Holds a lot of promise.

JUNIOR BITCH (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Gamefinder Tauhara (Taylor)
Nice tight feet. Adequate balance and looked very nice.

2nd – Hungargunn Shes A Tease (Cragg)
This bitch is a little bit longer than I prefer and could use a bit more efficiency in her movement.

INTERMEDIATE BITCH (8 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Hanafor Belfrayden Jane (Harris & Stading)
Intermediate In Show
First and second bitches are both equally nice. It was very difficult to separate them but there was freer movement on this bitch.

2nd – Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Rubee (Quinn)
Very nice, good tight feet and extension.

3rd – Ch Hubmistil Beating Heart (Blaik)
Not quite as nice, a difficult shoulder placement but has good balance and running rear.

AUSTRALIAN BRED BITCH (5 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Kimlise Isobella Ximenex (Harris & Stading)
Challenge Bitch / Australian Bred In Show
Very well balanced, moved free and easy, lovely straight legs and a very elegant Vizsla type. A most beautiful elegant bitch with correct breed type. She is put together so very nicely, and moves so freely she appears to float across the ring. Very difficult to fault her in any way.

2nd – Ch Kimlise Solway Mist (Neaves)
Quite a bit of forechest, a little bit over done but very lovely moving.

3rd – Ch Noorooma Kiewa (Hine)
Nice feet and straight legs with free and easy movement.

OPEN BITCH (6 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Hubertus Queen Of Hearts (Blaik)
Reserve Challenge Bitch
Very nicely balanced, moved well, converged easily in front. Also quite deserving. A little more over done in some areas, but both are very excellent bitches.

2nd – Ch Kimlise Summer Serenade (Mitchell)
This bitch was also nice, a little bit doggy in the head.

3rd – Ch Hanafor Tantu Ashka (Quinn)
Also had a lot of balance to her and looked very nice.


BEST OWNER BRED & HANDLED:  Amand Of Szep-Allat (Imp NZ)
BEST GAITED:  Gamefinder Tauhara
BEST FEET:  Amand Of Szep-Allat (Imp NZ)


– Ch Hanafor Master Gyles CD (w: 7/03/1993)
– Ch Humeden Classic Melody (w: 21/11/1991)
– Ch Aranyoz Atlanta CDX (w: 18/11/1991)
– Ch Hanafor Simply Amelia CDX ET (w: 18/06/1992)
– Pretorium Kay Keyam (w: 19/10/1992)

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