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    Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Bazel & Ch Hanafor Cherwyn Alice


11 October 2003

Those of you who were at the show will no doubt remember it mostly for two reasons: the bitter cold and the unbalanced lighting. Many dogs were unsettled by one or both, particularly as the night wore on and the chill settled. It certainly added to the challenge of judging, and I did my best to make allowances

I will remember it though for two other reasons: the honour of judging this special “30th Anniversary of the Vizsla Show”, and the privilege of assessing a goodly collection of today’s Vizslas. Lynn and I were lucky enough to see the Mayhews’ Galfrid Vizslas at their debut show here 30 years ago. The late Dr Harry Spira judged them at St. Ives Showground.

As many of you know, during our 33 year involvement with our GSPs, we followed with interest the progress of the Vizsla, and enjoyed a successful decade within the breed. We are happy to donate the Galfrid Fecske perpetual trophy to honour one of these first imports and hope the winners enjoying having the trophy in their home.

Thank you for your invitation to judge, and the friendly and sporting manner in which my decisions were accepted. All the best.

Carolyn Butler

BABY PUPPY DOG (0 entries)
MINOR PUPPY DOG (0 entries)
PUPPY DOG (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind (Cragg)
Reserve Challenge Dog / Puppy In Show
Very good type, nicely conformed, mature for his age, well boned, handsome head piece, chest down to elbows, tail-set correct. Well developed second thigh. Moved well and easily.

2nd – Daingeann Padraig (Mitchell)
Not as mature as #1, somewhat leggy. Pleasing head. Not as much development in chest as first place. Needs to be more under control and time to get it together.

JUNIOR DOG (4 entries)

1st – Hungargunn Don Juan (Cragg)
Junior In Show
Just into the class, very good type and balance. Not a large dog but nicely made. Good bone and substance. Good feet. Moves quite well but would like to see more upper arm to balance front and rear.

2nd – Tanashka Dzsentri Tomi (Hine)
Bigger dog, darker in colour. Would like to see a little more balance in head with correct muzzle to skull ratio. Although well made, not quite the movement of first place.

3rd – Bronzwind The Sundancer (O’Neill)
Good type, with pleasing head and expression, well balanced but not the quality of the other dogs in the class.


1st – Ch Daingeann Kobi (Mosslar)
Very good type of dog though somewhat overweight which spoiled the outline and ability to move correctly. Was moved rather too fast. Very nice head.

2nd – Ch Amand Of Szep-Allat (Imp NZ) (Taylor)
Little bigger in size but good type. Well balanced but also carrying far too much weight. Moved too wide coming and going.


1st – Ch Palaway Winters Moon (Macken)
Wider front on stand than I like, but better overall outline than other entry in class. Pleasing head piece. Uses his tail. A little more second thigh would provide better drive.

2nd – Ch Vizamy Garnet (Vuorinen)
Much taller type than first, finer in bone. Could do with better length of upper arm and fill in of chest. Good head piece. Tends to crab on the move as a result of construction.

OPEN DOG (3 entries)

1st – Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Bazel (Quinn)
Challenge Dog / Open In Show
Mature dog of excellent type, proportions, overall balance and quality. Masculine but not coarse. Typical male Vizsla head and expression and, to be picky, if his skull were a little less broad, his head would be superb. Well boned. Good feet. Holds firm level topline and correct tail-set on the move. Balanced angulation both ends allows him to cover ground effortlessly and smoothly. Moves true coming and going. Very well handled and shown in excellent condition.

2nd – Ch Gamefinder Touch Of Kiai (Taylor)
Seemed to be put off by night lights and shadows and not moving as well as first. Not being used to his handler tended to throw himself off balance. Typey, well made, good amount of bone. Pleasing attitude.

3rd – Ch Willowbank Leigh Zircon (Kronast)
Good type. Balanced but needs more front and rear angulation. Pleasing masculine head. Not quite up to the quality of the others in the class.


1st – Hanafor Ysabeau Ysabelet (Kronast)
Baby Puppy In Show
Untrained baby who would not be handled. Seemed good type with pleasing feminine head. Neck into shoulders seemed okay. Past her bedtime?

PUPPY BITCH (2 entries)

“Two very pleasing puppies in this class. Dissimilar to one another in style but both correct”

1st – Hungargunn Forget Me Not (Cragg)
Reserve Challenge Bitch
Very nice type and balance, good angles fore and aft. Sweet head and expression. Sufficient substance for a young bitch, well bodied.

2nd – Vizamy Irish Mist (Hey)
Taller bitch, in season, balanced but not as well angulated as first place getter. Do with better fill in of prosternum. Little lighter in frame than I prefer.

JUNIOR BITCH (4 entries)

1st – Tanashka Dzsentri Klara (Quinn)
Pleasing exhibit but would like to see a little more upper arm to assist construction. Pleasing head but eyes seeming to be too round and making foreign expression. Perhaps just that it is dark. Quite feminine, generally well constructed and covers ground well. In very good athletic condition.

2nd – Hanafor Rousel Papagena (Brooks)
Very good type, shown in good condition. Very pleasing head, but not put together as well as first place getter who made more of herself on the move. Perhaps a tad long.

3rd – Hungargunn Femme Fatale (Cragg)
Smaller bitch of very good make and shape. Not quite as mature as others and not quite the movement, little sloppy on the way back. Pleasing feminine head and expression. Well toned.


1st – Ch Aceweis Carribean Gold (Aceweis Kennels)
Intermediate In Show
Very good type, balanced but moving a little wider in front than I would like to see; good chest to elbows, pleasing bitch head piece. Covers ground well. Handler tends to slightly exaggerate on the stack.

2nd – Vizamy Cedar (Slattery)
**Critique for this exhibit was accidently recorded over. Apologies from Carolyn**

3rd – Ch Daingeann Ceilideh (Mitchell)
Little finer in bone and somewhat wider in front than I look for. Reasonably well balanced but I would like to see more fill in the forechest.


1st – Ch Gamefinder Viper (Keyte & Johnson)
Australian Bred In Show
Very good type, bone and feminine head. Correct side movement but front a little broader than I like.

2nd – Ch Hanafor Tantu Ashka (Quinn)
Pleasing type, bone and feminine head. Adequate side gait but somewhat wider than called for in Standard. Little overweight. Somewhat sullen; not happy enough to use her tail.

3rd – Ch Kimlise Dainty Lady (Mitchell)
Again good type. Balanced. Pleasing side movement. Lighter bone than other two exhibits. Front a little broader than desired.

OPEN BITCH (3 entries)

1st – Ch Hanafor Cherwyn Alice (Taylor)
Challenge Bitch
Excellent type, well balanced and constructed (but would not say no to a little more upper arm). Just the right amount of substance. Could do with a tad less in body length. Typical feminine head and expression and, perhaps with age, a little more under jaw will finish off a very nice head. Tail-set correct. Carries herself well on the move with good reach and drive. Well conditioned.

2nd – Ch Gamefinder Tauhara (Taylor)
Again well made of pleasing type with sweet feminine head. Being a little naughty and moving a little wider in front. Perhaps throwing herself off balance? Again, in good condition. Correct bone, make and shape.

3rd – Ch Kimlise Summer Serende (Mitchell)
Very nice type, not overjoyed to be here tonight. Very nicely made. Little smaller than first place but very pleasing.

NEUTER CLASS (3 entries)

1st – Kimlise Jazzlass (Vale)
Very nice make and shape, obviously not used to the show ring but was happy to be handled. Needs a little more get up and go.

2nd – Ch Tanrod Golden Jaffa UD (Heemskerk)
Very nice type, not overjoyed to be here tonight. Very nicely made. Little smaller than first place, but very pleasing.

3rd – Ch Humeden Rousset Roland ET (Cragg)
11.5 years of age in excellent condition for his age. Front not quite as good as first and second place but for a dog his age, is still very good. A well made dog of very good type.


BEST HEADED DOG:  Ch Daingeann Kobi
BEST HEADED BITCH:  Hanafor Rousel Papagena
BEST GAITED:  Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Bazel


Utility – No Qualifiers
Open – No Qualifiers
Novice – No Qualifiers

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