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    Graebrook Dina Mzooni & Gr Ch Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp UK)


9 October 2004

I would like to thank the Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW for inviting me to judge their 26th Championship Show and to the members for giving me such a lovely entry.  Your hospitality and sportsmanship and the obvious love and pride you have in your Vizslas made the day an unforgettable experience for me.  A huge thank you to everyone.

Sylvia Cox

BABY PUPPY DOG (2 entries)

“Only one day separated the ages of these two entries. Both were so well behaved and both moved very confidently for their handlers. We do not have this age class in the UK”

1st – Palaway Salam Pax (Macken)
Baby Puppy In Show
Good bone, nicely angulated front and rear. Nice expression. Good feet and took Baby Puppy In Show over the bitch through his maturity and steady balanced movement.

2nd – Ciganyoz Limited Edition (Metcalfe)
Another good boned pup with balanced loins that moved well for one so young. Just felt he has a little too much lip (flew) and throat even for a pup.


1st – Belabartok Always Jethro (Taylor)
Minor Puppy In Show
Well grown youngster, good feet, good bone, prosternum, kind expression, masculine. Eyes a little light at this moment in time but I feel they will darken. Nice soft expression, elegant neck, good topline, would like slightly better bend of stifle. Generally pleasing throughout at this stage and steady on the move.

PUPPY DOG (1 entry)

1st – Hanafor Time To Declare (Harris)
9 month old dog, slightly strong in head, good ears, good feet, good prosternum. Forechest needs to drop, possibly a bit long in back and this spoilt his topline. he was a bit unsteady on the move, and still needs a lot of maturing. Good colour.

JUNIOR DOG (1 entry)

1st – Hanafor Ysabeau Phillippe (Bole-Brown)
I liked this dog’s head. Front is lacking in depth of chest and he could do with more bend of stifle. Hind movement was somewhat untidy though he has a good topline on the move. Quite a bit of developing to do. Lovely temperament.


“Eight dogs in this class and it was quite difficult. One or two that I liked stacked unfortunately were let down in movement”

1st – Ch Tanashka Dzsentri Tomi (Hine)
Reserve Challenge Dog
Very striking impressive masculine Vizsla, very well balanced dog on the move. He has a rich coat colour but I feel his eyes could do with being a shade or two darker to harmonise the picture. Elegant with good drive on the move.

2nd – Ch Iceana Gold Point (Mallinson)
Slightly smaller dog. Not as good on the move, but sound, good feet, kind expression, slightly wide between the shoulders, shorter coupled dog, with good bone throughout.

3rd – Ch Hanafor Grand Tradition (Harris)
Another sound looking dog. Felt his rear end was slightly better than his front, but was still well balanced on the move.


1st – Ch Hanafor Bendick Murrell CD (Harris)
Australian Bred In Show
Filled my eye, well balanced, lovely forechest, strong topline. Very worthy first placed dog. Sound on the move.

2nd – Ch Lianadam Arany Miksa ET (Croatto)
This dog took a bit of settling to go over. Very pleasing head, good bone. Could do with a bit more depth of chest (brisket). Good topline and balanced on the move.

3rd – Ch Ciganyoz Redstorm Rising (AI) (Melcalfe)
I liked the clean lines of this dog. Not too heavy in the head, nice expression, excellent feet and quite balanced on the move.

OPEN DOG (3 entries)

1st – Gr Ch Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp UK) (Harris)
Challenge Dog / Open In Show
Extremely elegant, masculine dog, everything to like about him. Excellent on the move, everything balanced and correct in front and rear. Excellent feet. Very little I could say about this dog that I don’t like. Just feel his coat shade and eye colour could be more harmonious.

2nd – Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Bazel (Quinn)
Heavier bult dog, not quite as good in head. Not coarse but slightly too heavy. Good body throughout, I liked his bone. Good topline, strong on the move.

3rd – Hungargunn Don Juan (Cragg)
It was unfortunate thiat this dog was rather unwilling to show and do himslef ‘justice’. Masculine dog with good bone throughout, rather strong in head with kind expression. Sound fore and aft.

BABY PUPPY BITCH (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Aceweis Carribean Pearl (Aceweis Kennels)
Just 14 weeks old. This baby has good bone throughout, lovely forechest. Pleasing head, eye colour starting to change already. Nicely balanced with good angulation. I think she will be a very nice bitch when she is mature.


“Three very similar types of babies here”

1st – Hanafor Belpont Paige (Harris & Stading)
Nicely balanced youngster, good forechest, I liked her head, eyes darkening. Good feet and bone, steady on the move for one so young.

2nd – Lianadam Barsony Ime (Croatto)
Slightly more difficult to assess as did not wish to stand which was a pity Again, pleasing head, and the make and shape that will come with maturity. Good bone, nice feet. Eye colour is good at this time, against lighter coloured coat. Good positive movement.

3rd – Daingeann Seonna (Mitchell)
Smaller type, not quite the pleasing head of the other two, good ear length, again good bone. A bit erriatic in hind movement but again, another youngster that I feel will develop with maturity.

PUPPY BITCH (2 entires)

1st – Graebrook Dzina Mzooni (Graebrook Kennels)
Challenge Bitch / Puppy In Show
Very elegant pleasing overall, good bone, nice feminine head. Positive movement. Could do with a little more forechest or brisket, but has good prosternum. Nice strong rear, good topline. This bitch will get better still when fully mature, but could not deny giving her the top spot whilst still so young as she filled my eye and moved over the ground with ease.

2nd – Graebrook Dzina Makalu (King)
Difficult to assess due to not wanting to stand. Good hind movement but erratic in front. Prefer the head of the winning bitch. Much to like but has a lot of maturing to do.

JUNIOR BITCH (4 entires, 1 absent, 1 withdrawn)

“Sadly the bitch I was going to place first was withdrawn. I am not sure why”

1st – Tanashka Acepak Zsofia (Quinn)
Junior In Show
Worthy of first place with the withdrawal of the other dog. Nice head, good bone, good forechest and topline. Slightly unsteady in hind movement compared to dog #2, but again much to like.

2nd – Hanafor The Lady Agatha (Leighton)
Unfortunately, just had a season and has a rather frilly under carriage. Her skirt is very low, which is very deceiving. Kind expression, feminine head, not the forechest of my winning bitch, shorter coupled. A little unsteady in front movement but she had good steady hind movement.


1st – Ch Tanashka Dzsentri Klara (Quinn)
Reserve Challenge Bitch / Intermediate In Show
I found this bitch very elegant in her actual make and shape of body, good proportions. Not as keen on her head from the front, but on profile she is very pleasing to look at. Good bone and angulation, topline and is a pleasing bitch generally. Steady on the move.

2nd – Ch Hanafor Rousel Papagena TD JD (Brooks)
Similar make and shape, not quite the elegance of the first but again, she has plent of bone, good forechest, good topline. Sound on the move. Pleasing throughout.

3rd – Ch Hungargunn Forget Me Not (Cragg)
Smaller type, shorter coupled. I liked her head of probably the three of them. Not the forechest and I’d prefer a little shorter coupled but again, lots to like and moved very soundly.


1st – Ch Hanafor Tantu Ashka (Quinn)
Elegant clean bitch with gentle expression and soft eye. Good topline and forechest. She moved well front and rear.

2nd – Ch Kimlise Summer Serenade (Mitchell)
Unfortunately, had a frilly under carriage, I suspect she has just had pups? Looked slightly close in front. Another with a very kind eye and expression, feminine bitch, plenty of bone. Good topline, good feet, steady on the move but front movement was not as good as #1.

3rd – Ch Hungargunn Femme Fatale (Cragg)
Lacked the femininity of the other two bitches but good make and shape. Good bone and good feet. High wither which was nice to see. Let down on movement today.

OPEN BITCH (6 entries)

“Quite a few variations”

1st – Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Rubee (Quinn)
Very pleasing to the eye, she has femininity about her and good bone, pleasing expression, excellent forechest, good feet, sound throughout. Would prefer slightly cleaner neck. I think her handler held her head a little bit too high, otherwise pleasing through the topline. Good on the move.

2nd – Ch Kimlise Isobella Ximenex (Harris & Stading)
Again, feminine in the head. I liked her overall quality, again very good in front, good feet. Possibly a little bit closer behind on the move today. Elegant bitch.

3rd – Ch Aceweis Carribean Gold (Aceweis Kennels)
Not as pleasing in the head to me, but clean throughout. Perhpas not quite the forechest I like to see – she has the prosternum but would prefer a bit more depth in the forechest. Again, perhaps a little close behind on the move today.

NEUTER CLASS (3 entries)

“It is a pleasure to judge a neuter class, I wish we had them in England. People enjoy showing their dogs and the quality does not have to be less because people neuter their dogs. Thank you for giving me such a lovely entry”

1st – Kimlise Jazzlass (Vale)
Neuter In Show
Pleasant to look at, moved extremely well. Nice bitch in good company. Good bone, good feet. I gather she is not shown often but her owner is very proud of her.

2nd – Ch Humeden Rousset Roland ET (Cragg)
Almost 11 years of age, so fit and great tone for an 11 year old. Showed like a trouper. Very, very gentle head and expression, I liked him a lot. Just had to give way to youth from the bitch. One I would like to have taken home!

3rd – Kimlise Nara (Vale)
Feminine, clean cut not quite the movement of the first or second, but a very likeable bitch. Clean throughout. Good shoulders, good forechest. Good feet.


BEST HEADED DOG:  Ch Iceana Gold Point
BEST HEADED BITCH:  Hanafor The Lady Agatha

BEST GAITED:  Ch Hanafor Rousel Papagena TD JD

UTILITY (2 entries) – No Qualifiers
OPEN (5 entries)

1st – Kazia Huckle Berry CDX ADM JDM ET (Sedgmen) 194pts QS
2nd – Ch Vizamy Topaz CDX (Carter) 190pts QS
3rd – Ch Vizamy Ebony CDX TD (Dunstan) 188pts QS

NOVICE (6 entries)

1st – Kimlise Jazzlass (Vale) 185pts QS

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