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    Grand Ch Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp UK) & Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Bazel


27 March 2005

My thanks to Steve Quinn, Ros Leighton, my very efficient Steward Eric Temlett and the Committee of the HVC of NSW for all the hard work which went into making my judging appointment at your Championship show so enjoyable. I also appreciate the sporting way in which the exhibitors took my decisions.

Overall Impressions:
I had many very good dogs to go over and I was pleased with my class and eventual in-show winners. However, some dogs before me had faults which gave me cause for concern. I saw several with short upper arms, upright fronts and shallow chests. Lack of angulation on the forehand does not auger well in regard to soundness/stamina in a Gundog expected to be able to go all day. In addition, there were some with slack pasterns and open feet. Please try and eliminate these faults before they become the norm. I would also like to have seen cleaner teeth in some of the exhibits. All temperaments were, without exception, what I would expect from the Vizsla.

Jackie Perkins

BABY PUPPY DOG (3 entries)

1st – Hungargunn Modjo (Cragg)
5 months, lovely shape, showed and moved well. Sweet head and expression, darkening eye. Moderate angulation front and rear, good depth of chest, straight front and parallel rear, colour okay. Handled well.

2nd – Tanashka Magus Krackajak (Quinn)
4.5 months, very babyish pup. Good conformation front and rear. Nice head and good eye, good colour, moved well although still so loose, but a promising pup.

3rd – Kimlise Reilly Viane (Jolly)
5 months. good overall shape and depth, good angulation front and rear. A little ‘easty-westy” on pasterns and a bit elbowy and untidy on the move. However, they well probably change places many times.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (0 entries)
PUPPY DOG (4 entries, 2 absent)

1st – Belabartok Always Jethro (Taylor)
Puppy In Show
1 year. Nicely made with a good length of upper arm and good depth of chest. Expressive head on good reach of neck leading to well placed shoulders. Good body proportions, not overdone in any way. Moved well with straight front action and was good behind too


2nd – Palaway Salam Pax (Macken)
9 months. Bigger pup, stood over ground well, not so deep in chest as winner and a bit loose on the move as a result. Very light eye at present and rather high tail-set.

JUNIOR DOG (2 entries)

1st – Tanashka Acepak Herman (Quinn)
Junior In Show
17.5 months. Strong dog well made and good colour. Good depth of chest and plenty of bone. Well angulated fore and aft, slightly roman nosed but won on overall movement.

2nd – Hanafor Time To Declare (Harris)
13 months. Lots to like about him but just showing lack of maturity. At the “teenage” stage, preferred his head to that of the winner. Could do with a little more depth and was somewhat loose on the move. Good angulation front and rear, would like to see him when he’s older.

INTERMEDIATE DOG (6 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Iceana Gold Point (Mallinson)
Intermediate In Show
Well made dog, not overdone, good proportions. Good head and eye, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Straight front with good length of upper arm and depth of chest. Strong rear, moved well.

2nd – Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind (Cragg)
Another lovely dog with lots to like about him. Beautiful head and expression, well proportioned with good front and rear, stood over ground well. Hard decision but handler tended to over-extend him and I just preferred the overall picture of the winner.

3rd – Ch Graebrook Dzina Dorian (Graebrook Kennels)
Finer sort. Nice head and expression, good length of neck into well placed shoulders but lacks depth and very upright in upper arm. However, he was in balance front and rear and moved okay.

AUSTRALIAN BRED DOG (8 entries, 2 absent)

1st – Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Bazel (Quinn)
Reserve Challenge Dog / Australian Bred In Show
Lovely type, well made and put together. Masculine head and expression, good reach of neck into clean shoulders. Good proportions, balanced fore and aft and moved as I expected.

2nd – Kimlise Lennor (Neaves)
Compact sort, good colour, masculine head with good eye. Good neck and well proportioned body. Handler did not get the best out of him on the stack but moved well. Just preferred the elegance of the winner.

3rd – Vizamy Ash (Butler)
Again a different sort. Masculine head on good reach of neck, a little straighter in front but rear angulation okay.

OPEN DOG (4 entries, 2 absent)

1st – Gr Ch Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp UK) (Harris)
Challenge Dog / Open In Show
Well made dog. Masculine head and expression with clean neck leading into good shoulders. Correct depth of chest and length of upper arm. A scopy dog nicely put together and standing over his ground well. Moved with drive and very good feet.

2nd – Ch Erdos Centre Court (Barnett)
Different sort, bigger all through, although not coarse. Finer head and long reach of neck, longer in loin and with a rather short dock. Moved well if a little close behind. Overall though, a nice dog.

VETERAN DOG (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Hanafor Bendick Murrell CD (Harris)
Nearly 8 years old. Lovely head, good neck and shoulders, moderate angulation front and rear. A bit loose in front but still showing quality when stacked and on the move.

2nd – Ch Hanafor Master Gyles CD (Orzeszko)
12 years old and giving the years away today. Sweet head and expression, nice type but different from the winner. Good proportions, just a bit upright in front. Moved okay.

BABY PUPPY BITCH (4 entries)

1st – Hungargunn Miss Teeq (Cragg)
Baby Puppy In Show
5 months. Lovely bitch, so well made and put together. Pretty head and expression, good shoulders and upper arm, well angulated fore and aft. Handled well, moved with drive and confidence.

2nd – Kimlise Ranen Raasia (Neaves)
Lovely pup and same remarks apply just not so mature as the winner. Correct colour and moved well.

3rd – Tanashka Magus Taita (Hine & Quinn)
Feminine head and expression, less mature pup, lacking depth but still moved well for one so young.

PUPPY BITCH (1 entry, absent)
JUNIOR BITCH (6 entries)

1st – Ch Fairdenbivey Teal (Harris & Waddingham)
Well made bitch, nicely put together, pretty head and expression. Well angulated fore and aft and good depth of chest. A balanced bitch who moved with drive.

2nd – Lianadam Barsony Ime (Croatto)
Another nicely made bitch with feminine head and expression. Good depth of chest. Giving her handler a hard time but moved straight and tidily.

3rd – Hanafor Belpont Paige (Harris & Stading)
Finer bitch, very pretty head and expression. Nicely put together, would have liked more depth of chest, good angulation, balanced throughout, moved well.

INTERMEDIATE BITCH (6 entries, 2 absent)

1st – Ch Hungargunn Forget Me Not (Cragg)
Pretty head and expression, correct depth of chest and good proportions. Well made and put together and moved with drive on excellent feet. Well balanced front and rear.

2nd – Ch Hanafor Rousel Papagena TD JD (Brooks)
Different type and carrying some extra weight but still a nice bitch. Just preferred the head of the winner. Good neck and shoulders and depth of chest. Good ratio length to height.

3rd – Ch Tanashka Dzsentri Klara (Quinn)
Finer bitch, lacking depth but still well put together. Pretty head and expression, good angulation fore and aft. Showed well.


1st – Tanashka Acepak Zsofia (Quinn)
Scopy bitch of lovely type. Feminine head and expression, well made and put together, balanced all through. Moved with drive on excellent feet.

2nd – Ch Kimlise Mariah (Neaves)
Bitch of smaller type but still very nice. Could have easily stood first today but in season and movement not so good. Nice head and eye, good depth and angulation. Balanced all through.

3rd – Ch Tazlon Elari Cricket (Ellis)
Smaller type and stockier. Feminine head and expression, moderate angulation front and rear and good depth. Moved with drive but front pasterns not so good.

OPEN BITCH (7 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Hungargunn Femme Fatale (Cragg)
Another lovely bitch from this Kennel. Beautifully made and put together. Lovely head and expression, good depth, topline and tail-set. Balanced all through.

2nd – Ch Lianadam Arany Manci ET (Croatto)
Nice bitch, finer in head. Good neck and shoulders, good depth of chest and well angulated front and rear. Moved well as I expected she would.

3rd – Ch Hanafor Cherwyn Alice CD (Taylor)
Nice type of bitch but a little snipy in muzzle. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, balanced angulation front and rear, good body proportions and moved well

VETERAN BITCH (4 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Kimlise Isobella Ximenex (Harris & Stading)
Challenge Bitch / Veteran In Show
8 years old. Lovely sort, good angulation all through and plenty of depth. Lovely head and good reach of neck. Well proportioned and balanced. Moved with drive to take the class, Bitch Challenge and Best Veteran In Show.

2nd – Ch Kimlise Ronay (Neaves)
Reserve Challenge Bitch
10 years old. I see she is the dam of my winner and is therefore of similar type and the same remarks apply. Just carrying a little extra weight but could not deny her the Reserve Challenge.

3rd – Ch Nari Nema Vega (Bailey & French)
10 years old. Another lovely type. Sweet head and expression, moved around the ring like a train – a Veteran to be proud of – just giving age away.


BEST OWNER BRED & HANDLED:  Gr Ch Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp UK)
BEST HEADED DOG:  Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind
BEST HEADED BITCH:  Ch Hungargunn Femme Fatale
BEST GAITED:  Ch Iceana Gold Point
BEST SIRE & PROGENY:  Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind
BEST DAM & PROGENY:  Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Rubee

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