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    Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Bazel & Ch Szepzeg Amazing Grace


8 October 2005

As a whole, I thought the upper class dogs were very good.  I am very surprised at the vast improvement in the breed in the past 15 years in Australia.  We had good shoulder laybacks, we had good front end reach and drive We had very nice heads all the way round, nothing too small, nothing too short.  Also no weedy fronted dogs.

Bernard “Bud” McGivern

BABY PUPPY DOG (2 entries)

1st – Kimlise Sahara Gold (Neaves)
The baby puppy dog is nicely put together. He does not have quite the manners that the second placed dog had, however he has a beautiful head, nicely laid back shoulders, good forechest and a nice topline. He carries his tail well and the hocks are well let down. Side gait is good. He lacked lead training going up and back.

2nd – Hungargunn Hallmark (Cragg)
The #2 dog carries more of a lower ear set and a higher back skull than I prefer. He is somewhat stocky for a young dog. He is a little wider in the shoulders than I prefer and I would like to see a bit more tuck-up in the loin. His topline could use a little bit more croup before the set-on of his tail. Otherwise, he is nicely put together and is a good colour. With more exercise he could develop into a nice adult.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (2 entries)

1st – Szepzeg Sir Blackjack (McKay & Furlong)
Nicely put together, beautiful side gait with nice front end reach. His head is in good proportion to the rest of his body. He has good front end assembly, good straight front legs. He carries a nice topline and nice tail carriage. From behind and going away, his hocks are a bit close nevertheless, that sometimes can be overlooked with his young age.

2nd – Iceana Mercury Risen (Mallinson)
Also has an attractive head in balance with his body. He has a nice chest and good front end. He also has a good topline ending in a nicely rounded croup but I would like to see him carry his tail a little more toward one o’clock. Hindquarters are nice. Length of neck and shoulder layback on this puppy is not as good as that on the first placed minor puppy. Otherwise they are both nice specimens.

PUPPY DOG (2 entries)

“These are much more mature dogs, both of them”

1st – Tanashka Magus Krackajak (Quinn)
The #1 dog is nicely balanced. Good forechest leading into good straight front legs which are developed and up on his toes. Head is in good balance with the rest of the dog. Topline is good and level with a good set-on of the tail. A little wider in the shoulders than I prefer nonetheless, he moves down and back true with good side reach and drive.

2nd – Hungargunn Modjo (Cragg)
#2 dog is also a very respectable dog. His head is just a bit squarer than I prefer. He lacks some forechest and his front legs are not quite as straight in the front as the first placed dog. He also carries some widely set apart shoulders however, they lead into a pleasing topline and tail carriage. He is also somewhat close in the hindquarters when he moves away and that is what puts him in the second place. Otherwise, both dogs are wonderful.


1st – Belabartok Always Jethro (Taylor)
Intermediate In Show
The first placed dog is a medium sized dog with a docked tail. He has a magnificent head in balance with the rest of his body. He has a good forechest leading to straight front legs. He carries a nice shoulder layback leading into a pleasant topline and tatil set-on which is carried at the right angle. Hindquarters are fine and well angulated, hocks nicely let down.

2nd – Ch Iceana Gold Point ET (Mallinson)
The #2 dog overall is a bit heavier dog than I prefer. He has a good front end. His shoulders are widely spaced which accounts for a short neck. He also carries his tail a little bit higher than I like. Otherwise, he moves well with good reach and drive front and rear.

3rd – Ch Tanashka Acepak Herman (Quinn)
The #3 dog is considerably heavier than I am accustomed to. He is not what I would call a medium sized dog. He is however, robust. His head is heavier than I prefer and he lacks some in the forechest. He has widely spaced shoulder blades and a short neck. He does carry a beautiful topline and a shiny coat with nicely developed foreleg and hindquarter bone. He also has a docked tail which he carries well with a nicely rounded croup. He does tend to sidewind or crab a bit going away and coming back.


“Class of 5 dogs, all with docked tails, all of which were very pleasing”

1st – Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Bazel (Quinn)
Challenge Dog / Australian Bred In Show
#1 dog fits the Standard to my concept of the Standard. He has excellent Vizsla type. He has a little bit of sparse white on his chest but certainly not enough to fault. His chest is deep to his elbows. He has a very pleasing head in good proportion, well laid back shoulder, good topline, nice croup, well carried tail and beautiful hocks well let down. He looks good going away and coming back and he is elegant with reach and drive fore and aft.

2nd – Vizamy Ash (Butler)
The #2 dog has a very pleasing head and beautiful coat. Overall a bit more shortly coupled and a little bit east west in the pasterns to the front feet. He has a pleasing topline with a slight wrinkle over the withers indicating a somewhat straightly laid-back shoulder. He has a good rear end with good drive behind. He has a nicely angled croup with a nice set-on of the tail which he carries well. He is a very pleasing dog altogether.

3rd – Ch Hanafor Grand Tradition (Harris)
The third placed dog is a dog of good colour. He has a good head piece but is a bit wider in the front than I would like. He has a good layback of shoulder leading to a pleasing topline. He carries his tail well. Also a dog with good drive in the front and rear. I faulted him most because of his near cow-hocked movement going away.

OPEN DOG (4 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Szepzeg Tequila Sunrise (Furlong)
Reserve Challenge Dog
The #1 placed dog has an undocked tail. Also of excellent Vizsla type. Exceptionally nice head piece. Good forechest with brisket extending to elbows. Pleasing side gait. Nicely laid back shoulder leading into a good topline. Nice hindquarters, well angulated with good turn of stifle. Good going away, coming back and side gait is magnificent. He uses his good conformation to the utmost.

2nd – Ch Wimballah Mr Shadowshift (Wittick)
The #2 dog is somewhat lacking in forechest as compared with the #1. He has a pleasing expression however, nice head, good topline, somewhat wider shoulder placement than the previous dog. I would like to see his hindquarter a little more medium angulated but he carries himself well and going away and coming back he was very good. Good side gait as well.

3rd – Ch Tanashka Dzsentri Tomi (Hine)
The #3 dog is very pleasant in appearance, good solid colour, a little taller than I would like and would like to see more depth of chest. He tends to be somewhat cow-hocked when stacked and viewed from behind but he hs a good topline and good set-on of tail. Very pleasing going around with good reach and drive.

CHALLENGE DOG:  Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Bazel
“As I said before, he has good reach and drive, a little bit more than the Open dog which was Reserve CC”

RESERVE CHALLENGE DOG:  Ch Szepzeg Tequila Sunrise
“The Reserve CC on the second time around tended to cross over somewhat in the hindquarters as he was going away which threw me off. Both dogs are magnificent dogs with good solid colour and with a small amount of white as mentioned before on the chest of the Australian Bred. I was impressed with Vizsla type in both dogs”


1st – Hungargunn Rykiel Rose (Cragg)
Baby Puppy In Show
The baby puppy bitch is a very attractive young bitch, less than 5 months old. Beautiful going away and coming back although somewhat timid and shy at this point because she lacks training. She has a beautiful forechest, nice shoulder layback, good topline with set-on of tail. Nice hindquarter turn of stifle with well let down hocks.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Szepzeg Lady In Red (McKay & Furlong)
Minor Puppy In Show
#1 is an exceptionally elegant fine young bitch with a beautiful head piece. Nice forechest for her age, nice straight front legs, good topline, good set-on of tail, nice hocks. Good going away and coming back and good side gait with reach and drive.

2nd – Szepzeg Tottie Goldsmith (Furlong)
The #2 bitch is almost as elegant. She lacks somewhat in forechest than the #1 bitch. She is a little tentative in her movement but this will come along with a bit more training and experience in the ring, she also has a beautiful front end, nice topline, good shoulder layback, good set-on of tail, nice hindquarters with good reach and drive on side gait. I did not get to see too much of her going away and coming back because her gait declined into a little hippity-hoppity dance.

PUPPY BITCH (3 entries)

1st – Szepzeg Scarlet Ohara (Furlong)
Reserve Challenge Bitch / Puppy In Show
The #1 bitch is beautifully conformed with a nice head piece. Beautiful forechest, nice straight front, good topline. Set-on of tail is alright but she carries it a bit more gaily than I would like to see. Otherwise, she has good side reach and drive and was sound going away and coming back.

2nd – Tanashka Magus Lana (Gregor & Quinn)
The #2 bitch is a little lacking in forechest (what I would call a gothic arch) but a good straight front. Beautiful head piece, a little straight in the shoulder. She has some markings on her of previous surgery which is not to be taken into consideration. She also is in season which may have accounted for her being somewhat close in going away.

3rd – Tanashka Magus Taita (Hine & Quinn)
The #3 bitch also has markings of previous surgery. She has a lovely head. Somewhat lacking in forechest but nice straight front. Somewhat loaded in the shoulders, more so than I appreciate. Good topline, good set-on of tail, sound hindquarters, good side reach and drive and sound going away and returning.

JUNIOR BITCH (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Hungargunn Miss Teeq (Cragg)
Junior In Show
There was only one entered, a bitch with an undocked tail. She has a nice forechest, good straight front, beautiful head piece, a little bit loaded in the shoulders. A little straight backed with not as much croup as I would like to see. Her hindquarters are good. She has good reach and drive on side gait but she tends to side-wind going away and coming back.

INTERMEDIATE BITCH (5 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Hanafor The Lady Agatha TD (Leighton)
The #1 bitch is somewhat lacking in forechest and is a little bit heavier than I would like to see. She has a very pleasant head, somewhat wide shoulder layback. Good topline and nice tail carriage. She is somewhat close behind but her pretty side gait tends to overcome that.

2nd – Hanafor Ysabeau Ysabelet (Kronast)
The #2 bitch was somewhat tentative at first and doesn’t seem to enjoy the show ring. However, she also has a beautiful side gait and when she finally came into her own she was spectacular. She has a lovely head piece, but is somewhat lacking in forechest. She is somewhat closer to the top of the Standard in weight but does carry her tail well and hs pleasant hindquarters. Going away and coming back she was good. Needs better hindquarter muscle and needs to lose a few kilos. Exercise should cure both problems.

3rd – Tanashka Acepak Showgirl (Quinn)
The #3 bitch is a dark mahogany colour. She has a good forechest and nice head piece. A bit straight shouldered, she crabbed going away and coming back. Her side gait is somewhat limited in that her straight front end assembly does not allow her to use her frong legs to the maximum.


1st – Ch Tanashka Acepak Zsofia (Quinn)
The #1 bitch has a nice front end with a good sternal notch and nice straight front feet. She has a beautiful shoulder layback with a long sloping neck, very pleasant head piece and hindquarters. She has a nicely rounded croup and her tail is set-on nicely which she carries at the horizontal. She looks good going away and coming back and especially on side gait. Nice type.

2nd – Ch Hubertus Wild At Heart (Furlong)
The #2 bitch is almost as good. She was a little bit tentative, gave me sidelong glances. She has a nice forechest and good straight front legs, a little bit shorter in layback of shoulder, nice tail-set and carries her tail a little higher than the #1 bitch. I would like to see a little bit more angulation in the hindquarters but she does move away and return nicely as well as having good side gait with good reach and drive. I think she is balanced because of her moderation in both front and back.

OPEN BITCH (3 entries)

1st – Ch Szepzeg Amazing Grace (Furlong)
Challenge Bitch / Open In Show
#1 bitch has a lovely head piece, nice forechest and sternal notch. Muscled nice straight front legs, excellent shoulder layback, topline and croup. She carries her tail beautifully. Going away and coming back she is magnificent with a good side reach and drive. Beautiful Vizsla type here.

2nd – Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Rubee (Quinn)
The #2 bitch is a darker coloured bitch, but tends not jto carry her tail any higher than four o’clock for which I faulted her. She is conformed nicely carrying good front end and hindquarters.

2nd – Ch Hanafor Cherwyn Alice CD (Taylor)
The #3 bitch is a bit out in the elbows in the front, has a good sternal notch, very pleasant head, shoulder layback is somewhat straight. Nice hindquarters however, also didn’t carry her tail any higher than about four o’clock when gaiting going away and coming back. I faulted her for that.

CHALLENGE BITCH:  Ch Szepzeg Amazing Grace

NEUTER CLASS (3 entries)

1st – Kimlise Jazzlass CD (Vale)
Neuter In Show

2nd – Ch Abbiestar Vanity Fair ET (Stuart)

3rd – Kimlise Nara CD (Vale)


BEST HEADED DOG:  Ch Szepzeg Tequila Sunrise
BEST HEADED BITCH:  Hanafor The Lady Agatha TD
BEST GAITED:  Ch Szepzeg Tequila Sunrise

UTILITY – No Qualifiers

1st – Triple Ch Hanafor Huxley Murrell (Salisbury) – 177pts QS


1st – Ch Gamefinder Firebird TD JD (Turner) – 181pts QS

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