• Best In Show & Runner-Up Best In Show

    Grand Ch Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp UK) & Ch Graebrook Dzina Mzooni


14 October 2006

I would like to thank the Club for inviting me to judge your Championship Show; I thoroughly enjoyed myself even though it was very hot. Starting the show at the time we did was excellent; there was shade over the ring and it soon cooled down and made it a little easier for both dogs and exhibitors.

I felt the quality of the dogs was very good; the fronts have improved over the years, which is a bonus although I did find a few who were a bit untidy out and back. The general condition of the dogs was brilliant and obviously no lounge lizards. I did feel that some of the heads were losing that lovely elegance and were tending toward being too course, something to think about. I was pleased to find all correct bites, well done.

I did mention in my speech about the dogs being dirty. I know it is a breed that dosn’t need to be bathed regularly like some breeds because of the oily texture of the coat, but if you are going to show your dog please bath them or at least wash them down with a wet towel. There is nothing worse than looking at your hands and finding them black from dirty dogs.

I wish everyone well with their breeding and good luck whatever you choose to do with your dogs.

Carol Wright

BABY PUPPY DOG (3 entries)

1st – Hanafor The Xecutioner (Harris & Stading)
Baby Puppy In Show
A lovely puppy with a pretty head and soft expression. Well balanced with a deep chest and at this age, plenty of prosternum. Plenty of neck flowing cleanly on to shoulders, topline level, correct colour, good feet, moved soundly but I think he would have moved a little better had it not been so hot. I liked this puppy, pleased to award him Baby Puppy In Show.

2nd – Hanafor The Xtrovert (Harris & Stading)
Litter brother to the first dog but going through a growth spurt. I felt he was a little finer in head than the first dog and his ribbing cut up a little too quickly for me and a little leggy at the moment. Plenty of neck and set well on to shoulders. He covered plenty of ground on the move.

3rd – Tanashka Korona Ace (Quinn)
The handler told me it was his first show and he did well. A happy puppy and I felt quite a nice boy. A pleasing head, lovely colour and plenty of bone. Perhaps someone can give the owner some handling lessions as this puppy is promising, he just needs some training.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (0 entries)
PUPPY DOG (1 entry)

1st – Kenazorora The Sun King (Imp UK) (Harris)
Puppy In Show
A moderate puppy just 6 months old with a lovely head and plenty of strength in the muzzle. Adequate neck set into moderately angled shoulders, prominent prosternum, correct length of body, would have liked to have seen a little more length in second thigh. He can move, covers ground and moves with purpose. His feet were not good but he was teething and that will improve. This puppy was very light in colour but I learned later from the exhibitor that he was an Import from the UK and will darken up when he adjusts to the climate change.

JUNIOR DOG (1 entry)

1st – Hungargunn Hyperno (Cragg)
Reserve Challenge Dog / Junior In Show
I really liked this boy as soon as he came into the ring. Just turned 12 months of age and still has some growing to do. He has a beautiful head, long neck, well laid back shoulders, well ribbed back, deep chest, level topline, correct tail-set, strong hindquarter and moved very soundly out and back. I felt a promising puppy.


“I felt this class was an average class and of mixed type”

1st – Hanafor Time To Declare (Harris)
I liked the head on this dog and he was a good colour. Not a bad type, quite elegant, with plenty of neck, deep chest, level topline, correct tail-set. His front is not his fortune and is not a good look running towards you. His out and back is very untidy. His side gait, he moved with purpose and covered plenty of ground.

2nd – Belabartok Always Jethro (Taylor)
A moderate medium sized dog with a pleasing head, plenty of neck set well on to shoulders, deep chest, would like to see a stronger hindquarter, moved well.

3rd – Ch Tanshka Magus Krakajak (Quinn)
I felt this dog was not holding himself right and was very roched in the back, perhaps he is sore. A moderate dog with pleasing head. He has good feet, correct tail-set, I noticed a dip in the topline just past the withers, this could be connected to the roaching of the back. Didn’t move so well.


1st – Ch Tanashka Dzsentri Tomi (Hine)
Australian Bred In Show
I loved this dog as soon as he came into the ring. He is a strong dog, has a classic head, beautiful rich colour, long neck flowing into moderately angled shoulders, deep chest, level topline, correct tail-set, in fabulous condition. I would like a little more second thigh. Moved soundly. Noticed he is a son of the BIS winner. Pleased to award him Australian Bred In Show.

2nd – Gr Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Bazel (Quinn)
Another quality dog still looking good at 6 years of age, still in wonderful condition. A little lighter in colour than the first dog but still correct. A stronger head, moderate neck, would like a little more angulation in front but he was balanced, deep chest, level topline, correct tail-set. Moved a little unsteady at times but sound.

OPEN DOG (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Gr Ch Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp UK) (Harris)
Challenge Dog / Open In Show
When this dog came into the ring I thought “What a dog”. An excellent example of the breed in rock hard condition. Not an extreme dog but blanced in every way, very rich in colour. He has a head that made me melt, beautiful expression, clean and tight and correct type. Long arched neck flowing on to moderated angled shoulders. Deep chest, well ribbed back, correct tail-set, moderate hindquarter; sound, covered plenty of ground and moved with purpose and arrogance. I loved him.

2nd – Ch Tanashka Acepak Herman (Quinn)
Another lovely dog, a little stronger in type than the first dog. Would have liked a litle less head, a little strong for me. Correct colour, shorter neck, deep chest, level topline, correct tail-set, strong hindquarter, moved well.

CHALLENGE DOG:  Gr Ch Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp UK)
RESERVE CHALLENGE DOG:  Hungargunn Hyperno


1st – Tanashka Korona Szepseg (Quinn)
Just under 6 months of age and going through the uglies. She has a pretty head, plenty of neck and good prosternum, good feet, adequate mover. This little girl was long, high in the rear and a little too steep in croup for me.

PUPPY BITCH (0 entries)
JUNIOR BITCH (4 entries)

1st – Hungargunn Rykiel Rose (Cragg)
A more substantial bitch and quite tall, lighter in colour than the rest in the class, balanced but would have liked a little more layback in the upper arm, good feet, level topline. Average head, a little too strong for me, moved well.

2nd – Hanafor Dusis Talisker (Harris & Stading)
A more moderate bitch with a pretty head. Moderately angulated shoulders, a little steeper in croup than what I would like, could do with a little more second thigh. Moved well.

3rd – Hanafor Dusis Danan (Harris & Stading)
I notice a litter sister to the second bitch. A little smaller in size than the second. Quite a lot of white on the feet (acceptable) but the feet were quite weak and lacked in padding. Not much between these two but the feet let this one down. Moderately angulated shoulders, level topline. Moved well


1st – Ch Hungargunn Miss Teeq (Cragg)
Intermediate In Show
A lovely balanced bitch, a little stronger in head than I prefer, good feet, moderately angled in shoulders, topline not as good, strong hindquarter, moved soundly and covered ground on the side gait.

2nd – Graebrook Dzyna Nawarra (Graebrook Kennels)
Another lovely bitch a little shorter than #1, finer in head, not as much leg, deep chest, good topline and tail-set, not quite as good in the hindquarter. Moved well.

3rd – Ch Tanashka Magus Taita (Hine & Quinn)
A lovely colour, pretty head, finer than the other two, average on the move, I think affected by the heat.

AUSTRALIAN BRED BITCH (6 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Tanashka Acepak Zsofia (Quinn)
Reserve Challenge Bitch
This bitch caught my eye when she came into the ring. Well balanced, deep chest, pretty head, plenty of neck, good feet, level topline, covered plenty of ground on the move and sound.

2nd – Ch Hungargunn Forget Me Not (Cragg)
A more moderate bitch, balanced, a little stronger in head, not quite as good on the move as #1, a little soft in the topline.

3rd – Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Rubee (Quinn)
A 6 year old bitch who still looks the part, not as good in the head, balanced, a little wider in front. Moved well.

OPEN BITCH (3 entries)

1st – Ch Graebrook Dzina Mzooni (Graebrook Kennels)
Challenge Bitch
What a beautiful elegant bitch, she came into the ring as if she owned it. A glorious colour and shone from head to foot, feminine head, well balanced, long neck flowing into moderately angled shoulders, deep chest, well ribbed back, level topline, correct tail-set, very sound out and back, lovely side gait. A clear winner in this class.

2nd – Ch Tanashka Dzsentri Klara (Quinn)
Another elegant bitch, a little paler in colour than the first bitch, well balanced, good feet. Moved well.

3rd – Ch Hungargunn Femme Fatale (Cragg)
A smaller bitch, balanced, a little stronger in head than the other two, her topline worried me. Moved well.

CHALLENGE BITCH:  Ch Graebrook Dzina Mzooni
RESERVE CHALLENGE BITCH:  Ch Tanashka Acepak Zsofia

“It was difficult to split these two specimens as I thought they were both outstanding. I awarded BIS to the dog who I felt was an excellent example of a Gundog. As the Standard says, the Vizsla should be of noble appearance; and that he was. Superb”

“A gorgeous bitch, who pushed the dog for the top spot. She certainly was elegant from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail, beautiful and strong, a lovely specimen. Her owner told me she has only a few points for her Grand title, and she is not yet 3 years old. Well done”.

NEUTER CLASS (5 entries)

1st – Dual Ch (T) Hanafor Rousel Papagena JD AD (Brooks)
Neuter In Show

2nd – Gr Ch Jasmegon Rasabee Joanna (Harris)

3rd – Ch Hanafor Tantu Ashka (Quinn)


BEST HEADED DOG:  Ch Tanashka Magus Krakajak
BEST HEADED BITCH:  Ch Tanashka Acepak Zsofia
BEST GAITED:  Ch Tanashka Acepak Herman

UTILITY (4 entries) – No Qualifiers
NOVICE (2 entries)

1st – Dual Ch (T) Hanafor Rousel Papagena JD AD (Brooks) – 189pts QS

OPEN (8 entries, 1 absent) Novice (2 entries)

1st – Dual Ch (T) Vizamy Topaz CDX (Carter) – 184pts QS

CCD (4 entries)

(Equal on countback – placings decided by repeat heel & recall exercises)

1st – Belabartok Always Jethro (Taylor) 91pts QS
2nd – Gyldan Trad Temperance (Dunstan) 91pts QS

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