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    Grand Ch Szepzeg Tequila Sunrise


13 October 2007

It was indeed an honour for me to officiate at the Spring Specialty Show for both Hungarian Vizslas and Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas. It was an impressive entry and there was a clear mark of quality through the classes.

As I stood waiting to address all of you – Club members and exhibitors – after completing my assignment on that chilly spring evening, I had a flashback to the day 50 years before at Buzzards Bay, Massachuetts where I judged Vizslas for the first time at an All-Breed match held by the Cape Cod Kennel Club. It was 1957. George Brodie, a famous Gundog Judge, gave me a reassuring nudge to “judge them the way you would the pointers – they haven’t even been approved for Championship competition yet and they are all here for ring experience”. There were six russet coloured Pointers with owners who were obviously in the ring for the first time. It was not easy to get a good look at the dogs because they were competing with their handlers for control in this new situation. Since then I have judged the breed throughhout the United States and Canada and twice in Australia. And I am often impressed by the Vizsla in the Group ring. Vizslas are not only very beautiful but the breed has reached a level of quality that cannot be overlooked nor denied.

So there I stood, a Rhode island native and California resident, judging dogs originating in Hungary with some imported from the United Kingdom at a show in NSW, Australia while fighting the chill by wrapping up in my Mexican Senor Grog jacket to address Breeders, exhibitors and handlers from near and far. It’s a small world for us in the sport of dogs! It was a joy to be with you.

General Comments:
The entries in both breeds were easy to examine because they were presented with skill and the dogs demonstrated good temperament in that they were friendly, lively, even tempered and biddable. Movement was for the most part very good. Problems in movement were the result of lack of balance between front and rear assembly and some dogs with misaligned elbow structure (the elbows were not tucked in next to the ribcage and that rotated the front legs to throw the feet toeing in). It is too common throughout Gundog breeds for dogs to have less angulation in the front as compared to the rear but that does not make it right Whilst most heads were characteristic of the breed, there were several that were plain – a blank, soft look rather than a keen, noble expression. it is only fair to say here that heads, balance and movement are certainly subject to change in the case of puppies. Congratulations on your nuturing the talents of the young handlers in the breed ring. They will enhance the success of your breed in the future..

Marcia Hall-Brown

BABY PUPPY DOG (4 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Szepzeg Happy Days (Furlong)
Excellent balance fore and aft, very good mover, as typical of puppies in general height to length ratio is variable at this age and will no doubt improve with maturity. Plain expression at this age.

2nd – Palaway Marvels O Manga (Macken)
This puppy was a little reluctant at the beginning but a skilled, thoughtful handler got him moving and he performed well, nice mover.

3rd – Palaway Metropolis (Macken & Hanney)
Lovely head but lack of balance of parts at this age. Elbows not as clean as could be.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Hanafor Barett Bertram (Harris & Stading)
Minor Puppy In Show
This puppy is balanced in the static position and is very nicely put together. He has a pleasant head and his height to length ratio is very good. Not moving well on the down and back but should improve with age.

PUPPY DOG (0 entries)
JUNIOR DOG (2 entries)

1st – Hanafor The Xtrovert (Harris & Austin)
Reserve Challenge Dog
Very pleasing head and expression, balanced, covers ground with ease, more front angulation needed.

2nd – Kimlise Umberto Bence (Richards)
Good front and rear angulation, covers ground well. The front is not the dog’s best asset and the junction of the neck and the shoulder is not smooth.

INTERMEDIATE DOG (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Kenazorora The Sun King (Imp UK) (Harris)
This is a good representative of the breed, good type, appears to be better built than he demonstrates in motion. Front legs move too far out without the equal return under the dog.


“Both the first two placed dogs were of good type, nice eye and expression and correct type”

1st – Ch Belabartok Always Jethro ET (Taylor)
Australian Bred In Show
Very good type with a very nice head and sound movement. The tail is carried a bit high, but overall, a good representative of the breed.

2nd – Ch Hanafor The Xecutioner (Stading)
Very pleasing head piece, nice eye and expression. A little lacking in angulation.

3rd – Vizamy Ash (Butler)
Although this dog was too overdone in head and body for my assessment, he moved extremely well.

OPEN DOG (3 entries, 1 absent)

“Both entries had proper expression and excellent type”

1st – Gr Ch Szepzeg Tequila Sunrise (Furlong)
Challenge Dog / Open In Show
Very pleasing dog of correct type, excellent balance fore and aft, superior front assembly, a beautiful dog.

2nd – Gr Ch Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp UK) (Harris)
A very good specimen of the breed, moves very well, athletic, placement of shoulder creates a junction with the neck that is not as smooth as desired. Slightly steep croup.

CHALLENGE DOG:  Gr Ch Szepzeg Tequila Sunrise (Furlong)
“Depth of breed type, holds his topline well in motion, more deeply angulated than most Vizslas but is an asset to the breed for these qualities”

RESERVE CHALLENGE DOG:  Hanafor The Xtrovert (Harris & Austin)
“A lovely young dog, promising. Very different from Challenge Dog – perhaps more appropriately angulated (less exageration) but does not appear as strong and upstanding”

BABY PUPPY BITCH (9 entries, 2 absent)

“This was an amazing class, it was hard to decide to judge or hug. With differences in age and development the following places were as I saw them on this day and no doubt be subject to change in the future”

1st – Gamecall Weatherby Viva (Hine)
Baby Puppy In Show

2nd – Hubertus Heaven Scent (AI) (Cunningham & Serle)
Very nice type, flashy movement/eye catching, not as balanced as #1.

3rd – Heiderst Angel Of Mine (Furlong)
Appears that a growth stage is interfering with balance in motion, but has a wonderful outgoing attitude.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (1 entry, absent)
PUPPY BITCH (2 entries, absent)
JUNIOR BITCH (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Kimlise Verdi Chardy (Vale)
Junior In Show
Excellent feet, appropriate size, very good depth of colour. Moves nicely.


“This was a difficult class to judge in that there was little similarity in the entries – wide diversity of type”

1st – Ch Tanashka Magus Taita (Hine)
Challenge Bitch / Intermediate In Show
Excellent topline and holds it well in motion. Nicely balanced, very good breed type.

2nd – Ch Tanashka Magus Lana (Quinn)
Reserve Challenge Bitch
A very nice bitch but too heavy boned for my interpretation of the Standard. Carrying too much weight.

3rd – Gyldan Trad Temperance (Dunstan)
Pleasant in overall quality but the front assembly lacked sufficient angulation. Placement of the upper arm should be angled back under the dog.


1st – Ch Hanafor Dusis Talisker (Harris & Stading)
Nice breed type, very good facial expression, too steep in croup, moderate mover.

OPEN BITCH (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Tanashka Dzsentri Klara (Quinn)
A beautifully presented Vizsla, nice head piece, excellent feet, and moves well. Carrying a great deal of weight for this breed.

CHALLENGE BITCH:  Ch Tanashka Magus Taita
“Certainly the best in the line-up. She has the look that communicates VIZSLA. Correct size, body and bone weight, excellent proportions”


BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW:  Gr Ch Szepzeg Tequila Sunrise
“A strong healthy looking Gundog that looks as though he could do a day’s work. Perhaps overly angulated, but is properly balanced fore and aft, typical face and expression, strong pasterns. Beautiful dog”

“Very pretty bitch, excellent in-depth breed type”

NEUTER BITCH (1 entry)

1st – Ch Kimlise Isobella Ximenex (Harris & Stading)
Neuter In Show
Moves well, athletic, balanced. I would like to see more depth of breed characteristics in head and face.


BEST HEADED DOG:  Ch Hanafor The Xecutioner
BEST HEADED BITCH:  Ch Tanashka Magus Taita
BEST GAIT:  Ch Tanashka Magus Taita

UTILITY (3 entries) – No Qualifiers
OPEN (4 entries, 2 withdrawn)

1st – Dual Ch Vizamy Ebony UD TD (Dunstan) 195pts QS

NOVICE (1 entry)

1at – Vizamy Ash (Butler) 184pts QS

CCD (3 entries)

1st – Ch Belabartok Always Jethro ET (Taylor) 94pts QS


This show saw the exhibition for the first time at a Specialty of the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla.
Whilst these exhibits were not eligible for Best In Show, they were awarded Challenge Certificates and Best of Breed for the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla.
1st – Ch Silvanus Lord Nelson (Imp UK) (Harris)
Challenge Dog / Best Of Breed
A well balanced dog that moves freely and with agility. Good prosternum, nice depth of chest, with clean juncture of the neck and topline. Correct colour, head and expression.

1st – Throstlenest Miz Monipenny Of Silvanus (Imp UK) (Harris)
Challenge Bitch / Runner-up Best Of Breed
Very nice bitch of good colour, nice coat texture, correct balance between front and rear assembly and a good topline. The tail-set is a bit high and her head is not as developed or characteristic as I would like to see.

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