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    Ch Hungargunn Hyperno


23 March 2008

Firstly, I would like to thank the Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW for the opportunity to judge this wonderful entry of Vizslas. I have had a long standing interest in the breed and enjoyed the appointment immensely. It was great to judge quality dogs, and work out my priorities when determining placings in quality classes.

I must thank Ros Leighton who organised my trip to a tee, making sure all my needs were catered for. Also I would like to thank Eric Temlett, who was a wonderful Steward and worked quietly and efficiently and made the job of the judge that much easier.

Congratulations to the Club on a wonderful day, with an outstanding array of trophies. It certainly was impressive!

I want to congratulate exhibitors on their sportsmanship and presentation of the exhibits. I will, however, say that after a long and enjoyable day of judging, I found one exhibior’s overt display of sarcasm quite offensive, unnecessary and distastful, but that is dog judging for you! I would also like to acknowledge other exhibitors who took the time to thank me for my efforts, concentration, and consideration of the exhibits on the day. It was a warm day, and exhibitors managed to give their dogs shade when necessary, but be back in the right place at the right time. Generally, the dogs were well trained and socialised, thus giving themselves the best chance of presenting to their very best.

For me, it was an added bonus to judge the Wirehaired classes. I certainly read all I could and looked at as many pictures as I could to prepare myself, and it was great to get my hands on them. I found some very typical specimens of the breed, and believe that the Breeders have some very good foundation stock to base their breeding programs upon.

Overall, with the Hungarian Vizslas, I was very pleased with the quality, and the breed has certainly come ahead in leaps and bounds.

Being critical, although the fronts have improved enormously, there are still concerns for me with many fronts located too far forward (short in upper arm), and some elbows still loose coming towards me, or on the stack front on. I found, generally, that hind movement was better than front.

I was also concerned that some exhibits did not exhibit the “self-confident”, upstanding temperaments that are characteristic of the breed. I do not believe that in normal circumstances the Vizsla should ever appear nervous, or drop their tail on the move. They should be a happy, eager, even tempered dog, enjoying every moment when out with their handler.

My awards, and subsequent comments, are based on my observations on one day in the development of these exhibits. Obviously, interpretation of the Standard is sometimes subjective, but each and every exhibit was given detailed consideration and evaluated according to my interpretation of the Standard.

Contratulations to all the winners, and best wishes for all future ring and breeding pursuits to all exhibitors and breeders.

Andrew Burt

BABY PUPPY DOG (2 entries)

1st – Belabartok Balad F Darcy (Staples)
A balanced puppy with correct bone, angulation and substance. He messed around a lot, but appeared to move soundly out and back, with good reach and drive around the ring. Early days yet!

2nd – Hubertus No Risk (Winch & Johnson)
A real baby at just three months. Good proportions and colour. Moved well around the ring, but not yet holding his topline.


1st – Hubertus Keep It Coming (Cochrane & Delacourt)
Minor Puppy In Show
7.5 month old. A balanced dog, but still to mature. The head piece was quite typical, with good strength of muzzle, and width of skull. His chest was yet to develop and he needs a little more front angulation. Moved quite well out and back, but would like to see a little more reach nd drive around the ring. He was in excellent bloom.

PUPPY DOG (4 entries)

“I found this a difficult class to judge with four exhibits alll quite different in type”

1st – Hubertus Heaven On Earth (AI) (Pali)
Puppy In Show
Well balanced 8 month old dog, well up to size. Pleasing substance, and well angulated fore and aft. Typical head, nice expression, but eyes could be a shade darker. Elbows could be a little tighter. Topline and tail-set were typical. This dog moved quite well, although lapses in his confidence affected his overall movement together with his topline on the move at stages during the class.

2nd – Palaway Metropolis (Macken & Hanney)
Another 8 month old dog. More moderate dog than the first placed. Quite pleasing head qualities. Good overall balance. Strong substance of body, and moderately angulated fore and aft. He moved back towards me wider in front than my ideal.

3rd – Graebrook Red Rabbit (Graebrook Kennels)
10 month old dog. Quite well balanced. his head was quite reasonable, but ideally I would like a slightly more oval shaped eye. The body was quite immature, lacking depth of chest, and at this stage he was very narrow in front and slightly east west on the stack. Upper arm needs to be longer to bring his front under the withers. Topline was good. His side gait was reasonably typical, but quite narrow coming towards me.

JUNIOR DOG (3 entries)

1st – Graebrook Patriot Games (Graebrook Kennels)
Junior In Show
Well proportioned, medium sized dog of good breed type. His head was a little flewy, lacking slightly in stop, and eye shape could be slightly more oval, and eye colour slightly darker. Ears were also quite large at this stage. Correct substance right through. Well angulated fore and aft with excellent width of thigh. Well filled chest with correct moderate prosternum. This dog had an excellent topline and tail-set. He moved truly out and back, and exhibited great reach and drive on the move. There was a lot to like about this dog, and he was impressive around the ring, however, his expression cost him the Reserve Dog CC behind his father.

2nd – Pitswarren Picasso (Imp UK) (Neaves)
Another well proportioned dog of medium size. More typical head and expression than the winner. Upper arm needs more length to bring the forequarters under the withers. Not as sound as the winner out and back, but quite reasonable side gait. Unfortunately, the feet were quite flat and lacking knuckle, but this may improve in the future.

3rd – Szepszeg Happy Days (Furlong)
This was a taller dog, not really at ease in the ring, appearing to be not used to showing. He possessed a pleasant expression. He was quite well proportioned and angulated but lacked width of chest.

INTERMEDIATE DOG (6 entries, 1 absent)

“I enjoyed this class, although they varied somewhat in type”

1st – Ch Hungargunn Hyperno (Cragg)
Challenge Dog / Intermediate In Show
This dog impressed me as soon as he entered the ring. His confident attitude, together with his carriage and construction were most appealing. He was a moderate size, with correct proportions and substance. Lovely head and expression, with correct width of head, good strength of muzzle, and well developed brows. His front was well filled and angulation was typical fore and aft. Good depth of chest, correct tuck-up, and an excellent topline and tail-set. This dog moved true out and back, and possessed very good reach and drive around the ring. He was in hard condition, with a coat in full bloom, and was well deserving of his win.

2nd – Ch Kenazorora The Sun King (Imp UK) (Harris)
Another typical, moderately sized dog with good overall proportions. Slightly less bone than the winner. The head possessed the correct proportions, with a nice shaped eye, but overall he tended to have a very slightly “wet” expression. His substance was very good. Angulation fore and aft was excellent. His topline had a slight curve over the loin with a slight drop over the croup. This dog moved out and back truly, with good reach and drive around the ring.

3rd – Ch Hubertus Jackpot (Winch & Johnson)
Slightly larger dog than two in front of him. Quite a reasonable head, but eye shape not as typical as the two in front for me. His overall balance was correct, and his substance was typical. This dog needed a longer upper arm to bring his front legs under the wither. He moved well out and back with a good side gait.

AUSTRALIAN BRED DOG (6 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Belabartok Always Jethro CCD ET (Taylor)
Very typical dog. Quite typical head, with excellent depth and strength of muzzle, and correct blunt appearance. To be critical, I would have liked just a bit more width of skull. His proportions overall were what I was looking for, and his angulation for and aft were correct. Body substance was excellent. his topline was excellent and tail-set mached this. He moved truly out and back, and possessed reasonable reach and drive, although quite lazy in his attitude around the ring – bored with it I expect!

2nd – Ch Hubertus Eagle Rock (Pali)
Slightly smaller than the first dog, with a nicely proportioned body. Reasonable head and expression although eye shape not as typical, and not as good in muzzle as the winner. Front angulation could be improved slightly. Moved a little wide in front coming towards me, but a typical side action.

3rd – Ch Hanafor The Xecutioner (Stading)
Very typical head qualities, overall proportions, and body substance. This dog tended to lack angulation in front and his croup was steeper. He also tended to lose his topline on the move around the ring, but had good extension in his side gait.

OPEN DOG (4 entries)

1st – Grand Ch Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp UK) (Harris)
Reserve Challenge Dog / Open In Show
An older, upstanding, typical Vizsla, nearing 7 years of age. Reasonable body proportions, altough slightly on the longer side, pleasing expression, and good substance. Could do with a slightly longer upper arm, and now tending to be slightly out at elbow. Good width and length of thigh. This dog moved with presence, reasonably true going, a little wide coming, but good extension around the ring. Excellent topline on the move, but drops a little more than I like over the croup. A quality animal, but probably a little past his prime.

2nd – Ch Hubertus Yahoo Cs Royale (Pali)
Finer dog with reasonable head qualities, but slightly “bitchy” for me. Good body proportions, with correct angulation fore and aft. He is a little “proppy” on the stack at times. It was a shame that at times he ws a little unsure on the move, and tended to lose his topline and carriage on occasions.

3rd – Ch Tanashka Magus Krakajak (Quinn)
Well proportioned dog with a typical head. Needed greater front and rear angulation. Chest could also be slightly deeper, and he did not move so well towards me.

VETERAN DOG (1 entry)

1st – Gr Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Baxel (Quinn)
Veteran In Show
An 8 year old, well proportioned dog. Good head and expression, but slightly broader in skull than my ideal. In excellent conditon for his age. Nicely filled front, with typical angulation fore and aft. He was true out and back, and moved around the ring well with strong topline.

BABY PUPPY BITCH (2 entries)

1st – Kimlise Yari (Neaves)
Baby Puppy In Show
Well proportioned baby with a pleasant head and expression, good bone and substance for her age, nice fill in the front and moved along well.

2nd – Belabartok Balad F Siena (Taylor)
This pup was a little leggy and “gawky” but time will tell with her development. A little houndy in expression at the moment. Body proportions were good, and angulation typical. Once moving appeared quite true.


1st – Gamecall Weatherby Viva (Hine)
Quite well balanced bitch, but a little leggy at this stage. Good expression. Needs more front angulation, but could well be a stage. Also, slightly out at elbow. Moved quite well out and back, as well as around the ring. Topline reasonable, but just slightly higher over the rump.

2nd – Tanashka Aldas Franciska (Quinn)
This bitch is a little less confident in her temperament at this stage, and very hard to assess her best qualities. Pleasant head and expression, and appeared to have correct angles fore and aft, but she was a little “slinky” at times. She moved around the ring with good extension.

PUPPY BITCH (7 entries, 2 absent)

“I did not find this an easy class to judge”

1st – Gamecall Weatherby Malika (Hine)
Similar to her sister in the previous class. Well proportioned bitch with a pleasant head and expression. I preferred the topline on the second place getter. Slightly out at elbow at this stage, chest could be deeper, and needs more front angulation. Moved well around the ring.

2nd – Tanashka Osi Aggie (Quinn)
Quite well balanced bitch, with less body substance than the winner at this stage. Very pleasant head and expression. I would prefer more angulation front and rear. Topline was good when stacked and on the move.

3rd – Hubertus Heavens Above (Winch & Johnson)
This bitch was quite well proportioned, with a reasonable head piece, but needed more length of upper arm. She possessed good substance. Her topline tended to dip behind the wither. Side movement exhibited reasonable extension, but I would prefer cleaner movement coming towards me and a stronger topline on the move.

JUNIOR BITCH (5 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Hubertus Heavenly Made (Pali)
10.5 month old bitch of very good type. Excellent body proportions, good substance, and well angulated fore and aft. In beautiful condition. Head structure was good, but slightly more almond in eye shape than my ideal. Lovely neck into shoulders, well filled front, correct prosternum, topline and degree of tuck-up. She possessed a great width of thigh. Good length of stride around the ring, and quite true coming towards me and reasonable going away. This bitch was a disappointment in the Challenge line-up as I liked her very much, but penalised her lack of confidence on the move with another handler, and she sometimes dropped her tail, and lost her topline. She may well have been awarded higher if she had held it together in the Challenge line-up.

2nd – Graebrook Rainbow Six (Graebrook Kennels)
Reasonable body proportions, but slightly shorter in back than the winner. Pleasant head qualities, but less angulation fore and aft than the winner. Tended to be narrow in chest, and front feet were somewhat east west. Topline was good, and width of thigh was reasonable. Side gait was also reasonable.

3rd – Palaway Ana Bonilla (Macken)
This bitch had good substance of body and bone, but tended to be straighter in front, and somewhat out at elbow. Her head was quite typical. Her side action was quite good but she moved wide towards me.

INTERMEDIATE BITCH (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Hungargunn Rykiel Rose (Cragg)
A taller bitch overall, and really too big for me. Typical head, good body proportions, and quite well angulated fore and aft. Good fill between her front legs. She had a bit of a dip behind the wither, especially on the move. Good strength of thigh. She moved well out and back, with good length of stride around the ring.


1st – Ch Aceweis Carribean Gold (Cragg)
Challenge Bitch / Australian Bred In Show
6 year old very typical, well balanced bitch. Her coat was not in the best of bloom but her happy, easy going, positive temperament was exactly what I was looking for. Her head exhibited the proportions I was looking for together with a very pleasant expression, and she had the correct substance. Angulation was just right, and the front was well filled. Topline was good on the stack, and just sometimes slightly soft behind the wither on the move. Width and length of thigh was again just what the Standard calls for. Her movement did not disappoint, true out and back, and a well extended, free and easy side gait. Apart from a few minor coat imperfections, and a greying mask, this bitch gave me a lot and well earned the Bitch CC. She pushed her younger counterpart hard for Best In Show, but didn’t move with the same sense of purpose with another handler, but it was close!

2nd – Ch Tanashka Acepak Showgirl (Quinn)
This bitch was difficult to judge as she did not give her best on the stack (tended to prop quite badly), and probably not the movement either. Pleasing head piece. Not as well angulated as #1, and needs more length of upper arm. She moved quite well out and back.

3rd – Ch Hubertus Electric Dreams (Winch & Johnson)
Slightly smaller bitch with correct body proportions, and quite well angulated but still needing slightly more length of upper arm. Good strength of body, nice topline and tail set. She moved around the ring well.

OPEN BITCH (4 entries)

“An interesting and challenging class that really made me think, and evaluate some priorities”

1st – Gr Ch Hubertus On The Avenue (Pali)
Reserve Challenge Bitch
Quality bitch of correct size, ideal body proportions, and correct angulation. In excellent condition. Typical head, although muzzle could be slightly more blunt for me. Great neck into shouldrs, well filled chest, good amount of prosternum, and an excellent topline and tail-set. She moved well towards me, and reasonable going away, but could be stronger. Exellent side gait on the move. Unfortunately, again, she had times when she seemed less confident, dropped her tail slightly and losing her topline – she did this on her first run for the Bitch Challenge.

2nd – Gr Ch Graebrook Dzina Mzooni (Graebrook Kennels)
A bitch with many excellent qualities including her outstanding movement. Good proportions, although may be slightly shorter in body. Pleasing head qualities, quite well angulated fore and aft, excellent topline, good but not as smooth as the winner, well filled chest, correct tuck-up and great strength of thigh. It was unfortunte that she was bigger than I like to see, and after weighing up all points, and considering breed type, this factor cost her the class. However, the attributes of this bitch will hopefully be well served in future breeding programs.

3rd – Ch Hungargunn Femme Fatale (Cragg)
A slightly heavier bitch than the two ahead of her, but nicely constructed with typical head qualities. Good head and expression, slightly shorter in upper arm, and a bit of a dip behind the wither, both on the stack and on the move.

VETERAN BITCH (1 entry, absent)

BEST OWNER BRED & HANDLED:  Gr Ch Szepszeg Tequila Sunrise
BEST HEADED DOG:  Ch Hanafor The Executioner
BEST HEADED BITCH:  Ch Hubertus Electric Dreams
BEST GAITED:  No entries
BEST SIRE & PROGENY:  Ch Hungargunn Hyperno
BEST DAM & PROGENY:  Gr Ch Graebrook Dzina Mzooni

BABY PUPPY DOG (0 entries)

1st – Nadaf Pens Lord Crispin (IID) (Salisbury)
Challenge Dog / HWV Minor Puppy Of Breed
Young dog of excellent type. Excellent head piece and very well made overall. His bone and substance were very typical. Angulation fore and aft was also excellent. thigh development was strong. This young dog moved true out and back, and with reach and drive around the ring. An excellent example of the breed at this stage.

PUPPY DOG (2 entries)

1st – Zolmali Mazli (Imp Hung) (Frew)
Reserve Challenge Dog
11 month old dog with a typical head and expression. Moderate size and typical substance. I found this exhibit a little unbalanced, with a very short back. His front angulation was reasonable, but his topline was somewhat roached, with a steep croup. This led to a less typical gait.

2nd – Brookei Dabinette (Imp UK) (Pierce & Woolard)
Another 11 month old dog, but much taller and less typical in head properties overall. He was not trained, but moved reasonably soundly, and more soundly than the winner of the class. This was not an easy class to evaluate, but the winner beat this dog on his more typical size and head.

JUNIOR DOG (0 entries)
OPEN DOG (0 entries)
BABY PUPPY BITCH  (0 entries)
MINOR PUPPY BITCH (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Nadaf Pens Lady Clarissa (IID) (Furlong & Harris)
Reserve Challenge Bitch
Young bitch of very good breed type. Typical head and balance, with pleasing angulation fore and aft, correct bone and substance, but a little high over the rump at this age, but hopefully this will improve. Full of herself, and not easy to stack at this age, but when settled, move quite truly with good reach and drive.

PUPPY BITCH (1 entry)

1st – Nadaf Pens Lady Carlista (IID) (Harris)
HWV Puppy Of Breed
Finer bitch at this stage, with an unstripped coat, and less mature in some ways compared to her litter sister. However, another typical head and built correctly with typical angulation fore and aft. Moved soundly out and back, and good reach and drive around the ring.

JUNIOR BITCH (1 entry)

1st – Zolmali Legenda (Imp Hung) (Frew)
Challenge Bitch / Junior Of Breed
A very typical bitch that possessed a very good head and also good bone and substance. Well angulated fore and aft, and a good topline on the move. She moved with quite good reach and drive around the ring.

OPEN BITCH (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Zolmali Koken (Imp Hung) (Frew)
HWV Open Of Breed
A 17 month old bitch of good breed type. Good head qualities, but maybe a stronger muzzle would enhance the overall impression. Balance was reasonable, but I might ideally like slightly more length of back. Typical bone and substance. She struck me as slightly Hungarian Vizsla like, rather than Wirehaired in overall type. She moved quite soundly.

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