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    Ch Graebrook Lord Ofscandal


4 April 2010

It was my pleasure to judge the vizsla entry on Easter Sunday. The quality was deep, making my job most enjoyable. Movement of the exhibits was excellent and was a result of proper structure. Thank you for the honor of judging the lovely Australian Vizslas.

Judith Brown

BABY PUPPY DOG (3 entries)

1st – Ciganyoz Excalibur (AI) (Metcalfe)
Baby Puppy In Show
A lovely dog, with plenty of forechest for a puppy that actually goes to his elbows. He has very good topline and excellent feet.

2nd – Kimlise Darshan (Wilkinson)
Puppy with exceptional angles. Good ear length and nice colour. Feet could be better but he’s a quality puppy.

3rd – Kimlise Darden (Hoffman)
Having a lot of fun. Very young and immature. Difficult to assess but a puppy of good colour and good angles.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (2 entries)

1st – Tazlon Harvari Murphy (Ellis)
A dog with moderate angulation, a nice deep muzzle and good colour. He has a slight arch to loin and good tail-set. This puppy is adolescent in body type – should be a nice puppy.

2nd – Hanafor Seintli Niles (Butler)
Is a dog also of moderate angulation, with a little shallowness to his underline. Nice colour, very good mouth and good tail-set.

PUPPY DOG (2 entries)

1st – Kimlise Antaeus Sirchancealot (Richards)
Puppy In Show
Winner is a male of very good colour. Deep muzzle, broad nose. Has pronounced withers and solid strong taut back. He has good feet and his coat is short and dense and hard.

2nd – Hungargunn Bare It All (Cragg)
Another very nice dog of proper size, moderately angulated but with a tendency to drop off in the rear. Nice muzzle, good head.

JUNIOR DOG (2 entries)

1st – Ch Shaunuff Erik (Shaw)
Junior In Show
Medium sized dog, good russet gold colour, he has no extra skin, excellent feet, proud carriage and good attitude. Well angulated and has a very nice mouth.

2nd – Hanafor Cafefi Rhys (Alderton)
Slightly shallow underline, in field condition, he is moderately angulated with a very nice head, deep muzzle, and broad good nose.


1st – Ch Hubertus Tailor Made (Cochrane)
In hard condition, muscular and taut, he has very good carriage, good tail carriage and good head carriage. Proper feet. He has a deep muzzle, his ears are of good length. He has proper proportion of leg and body, his leg being slightly longer than the depth of his body. He is well angulated and in good condition.

2nd – Ch Hubertus No Risk (AI) (Winch & Johnson)
A dog with a very nice colour, he has a good mouth, nice tail-set. A little shallow in the under body; reach and drive is excellent.

3rd – Ch Palaway Metropolis (Macken & Hanney)
Of adolescent body type. He is a little shallow in the underline and hs a little length in the loin. Nice tail set and excellent colour.

AUSTRALIAN BRED DOG (5 entries, 2 absent)

1st – Ch Tanashka Korona Ace (Pollock)
Australian Bred In Show
Good body type with excellent forechest, good angulation front and rear, he carries his tail in a sabre like manner and his coat is short and dense. He has complete dentition. Withers are pronounced and topline is level.

2nd – Ch Belabarkok Always Jethro CD TD ET (Taylor)
In excellent physical condition. Muscled up and with no extra skin, he has a deep muzle and broad nose. His reach is not as far reaching as the first placed dog. He is all in all a very lovely animal.

3rd – Ch Tanashka Magus Krakajak (Quinn)
Less angulation but is a nice taut dog with good coat. He has good tail carriage and nice deep muzzle with broad nose.

OPEN DOG (8 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Graebrook Lord Ofscandal (Graebrook Kennels)
Challenge Dog / Open In Show
Medium sized russet gold dog with no extra skin, good angulation, and deep muzzle with a broad nose. This dog has good reach and drive and his tail carriage is excellent. His coat is dark and short and hard. An excellent example of type.

2nd – Gr Ch Hubertus Jackpot (Winch & Johnson)
Reserve Challenge Dog
A little heavier dog, with beautiful head planes, his sternum and his elbows are on the same level, he has good reach and drive, nice forechest and good coat.

3rd – Ch Pitswarren Picasso (Imp UK) (Neaves)
A dog with good coat, good body type, his angles are excellent. His feet could be better. His ear length is good and his nose is nice and broad for hunting.

VETERAN DOG (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Triple Ch (T & O) Hanafor Seint Edgar (Salisbury)
Veteran In Show
A dog of excellent type and in very good condition for his age. He has no extra skin, taut coat and muscular.

CHALLENGE DOG:  Ch Graebrook Lord Ofscandal
“A dog with excellent breed type, he has a proper proportion of leg and body with his leg being slightly longer than depth of body. He has a topline with a slight arch over the loin, and a deep muzzle. He’s very well angulated and moves with authority and good reach and drive, and very good foot placement. He has complete dentition. His sternum and his elbows are on the same level, he has tight skin, no extra skin and in very good condition”

RESERVE CHALLENGE DOG:  Gr Ch Hubertus Jackpot
“A dog of a larger body type, he has very nice shoulder angulation, no extra skin, he moves with grace. He has a very typical head, proper ear length and a harsh dense coat”

BABY PUPPY BITCH (2 entries)

1st – Kimlise La Cygne (Hanney)
A lovely puppy, her primary asset is beautiful shoulder angulation. Movement was a little spotty – as she’s such a baby, movementis a little hard to assess. Very nice feet. Good angles in the rear.

2nd – Hubertus Keep A Secret (Cochrane)
A bitch with good coat, nice tail-set. Has a bit of a roman nose. She has a very good prosternum and excellent underline.


1st – Kenoz Bronzed Charm (Butler)
Minor Puppy In Show
A puppy that has excellent angulation front and rear. Her shoulder blades and upper arm are equal, and her front and rear angulation are equal – because of this she has very good movement. A slight arch over her loin which is fine and a nice head for a puppy.

2nd – Tazlon Havari Tayah (Ellis)
A lean puppy, very taut, good body for a youngster. Her movement is difficult to assess – she was jumping around. She has good rear angulation and a very nice tail-set.

3rd – Hanafor Seintli Nina (Leighton)
A very happy puppy – a little shallow in the underline. She hs good prosternum and is moderately angulated. She has a nice tail-set and an excellent topline.

PUPPY BITCH (3 entries)

1st – Hubertus Dutchess Solitaire (Winch & Johnson)
A bitch of proper length she has nice tight skin, deep muzzle, proper ear length, excellent tail-set and very authoritative movement going around.

2nd – Abbiestar Caisse Depargne (Washington-King)
Less angle in the front, nice head piece, lovely ears. She’s a little shallow in underline, but all in all, should be a lovely dog.

3rd – Kimlise Aphrodite (Neaves)
Adolescent in body type, slightly shallow in brisket and underline. Very nice tail-set on this dog. She is a beautiful colour and has nice tight skin.

JUNIOR BITCH (5 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Graebrook Superstition (Graebrook Kennels)
Reserve Challenge Bitch
A bitch of excellent breed type, she has proper shoulders, well angulated front and rear. Her withers are high, her leg length is excellent – she has a little longer leg than her depth. There is a slight arch over her loin; hard coat; taut body and very good underline.

2nd – Hungargunn Mamma Mia (Melcalfe)
Vizsla with a very excellent front end assembly, she has nice prosternum and her sternum and elbows are the same length. She has tight skin, no extra skin; she also has a slight rise over her loin, a deep muzle and broad nostrils.

3rd – Gamecall Bellbrook Georgiana (Taylor & Staples)
We have our birthdday girl of the day. She has a little straighter front and not as stong in movement. She has a tight coat, hard hair and proper ear length. She has a nice broad muzzle and is an excellent colour.


1st – Ch Shaunuff Charisma (AI) (Shaw)
Challenge Bitch / Intermediate In Show
This is a Vizsla with excellent breed type. Very typey outline, she has well laid shoulders, tight taut underline, with a slight arch over the loin and good tail-set. She has no extra skin and has a hard coat.

2nd – Ch Belabartok Balad F Siena (Taylor)
With a very nice shoulder construction her prosternum and sternum are in exactly the right place. She has a good underline, nice deep muzzle and a broad nose.

3rd – Ch Gamecall Weatherby Viva (Hine)
A bitch with a little less substance than first or second place, very nice colour. Her tail-set is slightly low. She has a deep muzzle, good eye, correct nose and correct ears.

AUSTRALIAN BRED BITCH (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Hubertus Call Me Madam (Shearing)
A bitch with a good underline, very nice topline, and she has good breed type. She could lose a pound or two. She has a very good mouth and proper length ears, no extra skin and very nice colour.

2nd – Ch Tanashka Magus Lana (Quinn)
A rangier dog, a little straighter front and rear, she has very nice topline with excellent tail carriage. She has a very typical muzzle – nice and deep and sporting dog-like, she has a broad nose and good skull.

OPEN BITCH (2 entries)

1st – Ch Shaunuff Dolly Parton (AI) (Shaw)
First place goes to a bitch of superior breed type. She has a very good topline and a nice underline. Her brisket goes to her elbows, she has good prosternum. She also had very good occlusion in her mouth, beautiful tail carriage. A bitch with no extra skin and a tight coat.

2nd – Ch Tanashka Dzentri Klara (Quinn)
A bitch of very good quality – a little heavier bitch. She has slight arch over her loin and a good tail-set. Very typical sporting dog head, good in prosternum, and good shoulder layback.

VETERAN BITCH (0 entries)

CHALLENGE BITCH:  Ch Shaunuff Charisma
“The challenge has gone to a bitch of excellent typical Vizsla look – she is beautiful in the front as well as the rear and her tail-set and topline are very good. She could use a better head. She has very good angulation front and rear, and all in all a quality dog”

RESERVE CHALLENGE BITCH:  Ch Graebrook Superstition

BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW:  Ch Graebrook Lord Ofscandal
“A dog that is of exceptional type, his shoulders are long, his upper arm is long as well, his front end is right under his withers which are slightly pronounced. He has a beautiful topline with a slight arch over his loin and he has plenty of bone but not too much. He has an exceptionally lovely head with a deep muzzle, broad nose, good eye, proper length of ear. He has no extra skin, he’s tight and taut and muscular”


BEST OWNER BRED & HANDLED:  Ch Hungargunn Hyperno
BEST HEADED:  Ch Pitswarren Picasso (Imp UK)
BEST GAITED:  Ch Pitswarren Picasso (Imp UK)
BEST PARENT & PROGENY:  Ch Pitswarren Picasso (Imp UK)

BABY PUPPY DOG (0 entries)

1st – Silvanus Tenthirty Bertie (Imp UK) (Fodor)
HWV Minor Puppy Of Breed
The minor puppy dog Wire is a lovely puppy. He has a nice deep muzzle and a very large nose for hunting. He has a typical sporting dog head. Very nice flat topline, good tail-set and very well angulated. Nice Puppy.

PUPPY DOG (1 entry)

1st – Leiborschy Dover Of Szepszeg (Imp UK) (Furlong)
HWV Puppy Of Breed
A lovely puppy, very good tail-set, nice deep muzzle, nice wide nostrils, proper ear length, very nice coat and good feet.

JUNIOR DOG (0 entries)

1st – Ch Nadaf Penz Michelangelo (Orzeszko)
Challenge Dog / HWV Intermediate Of Breed
Wirehaired Vizsla dog with great type nice deep muzzle, broad nostrils, very well angulated shoulders. Correct topline, excellent tail-set – a very lovely puppy.

OPEN DOG (1 entry)

1st – Ch Nadaf Pens Lord Crispin (IID) CDX NRD (Salisbury)
Reserve Challenge Dog / HWV Open Of Breed
This is a dog that has less angle in the front. He is a larger dog, beautiful head piece – nice broad deep muzzle, broad nose and proper ear length.

BABY PUPPY BITCH (0 entries)

1st – Leiborschy Ziva Of Szepszeg (Imp UK) (Furlong)
Challenge Bitch
A puppy that’s a little on the immature side being so young. She has a lovely topline, nice broad nose, good ear length, lovely coat, muzzle and head in proper proportion.

JUNIOR BITCH (0 entries)

1st – Nadaf Pens Lady Chamara (IID) (Fodor)
Reserve Challenge Bitch / HWV Australian Bred Of Breed
This puppy is a medium sized with moderate angulation. She has a very nice bite, good teeth, good tail-set.

OPEN BITCH (0 entries)
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