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    Ch Gamecall Emerge


31 March 2013

Thank you to the committee for selecting me to judge your show.  It was a pleasure and I appreciate the opportunity to see your breed thriving in your country.  My winners would win anywhere in the world which I think is very important as our dog community is now more open and our dogs should be the same across the globe.  Below you will find my thoughts on your exhibits and how they met my eye on that day.

Congratulations to all of you for your successful show and continued success in your future endeavours!

Douglas Johnson

BABY PUPPY DOG (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Habanero Whisky And Rye (Frew)
Baby Puppy In Show
Nice puppy with good balance, good bone for size, good depth of chest. I actually like the type of this dog. Very appealing on the stack, I think he has a lot of quality. Like his size, think he is a good sized dog for this age. Pretty head with appealing expression. This is a very promising puppy.


1st – Hanafor Bajari Fuego (Field)
Minor Puppy In Show
I like this dog too, well balanced. Could be a little thicker than I need him to be at this age, this is a lot of dog for his age, but he is balanced with appropriate angulation. He moves reasonably well, a bit loose in front, a little wide coming at you. Attractive in head, good tail-set with the proper roundness of his croup. Good angulation front to rear, a strong dog. Good bone for size, just a little bit more dog than I need.

PUPPY DOG (2 entries)

“Both of these dogs are a good size”

1st – Metropolis Avant Centaurus (Hanney)
Very stylish dog, the type of dog that I like, without being too stylized for the breed. A little stronger in head than I need, but appealing overall. Good neck, shoulder, topline. Good angulation, a good mover, but stronger head piece.

2nd – Tanashka Ertekes Otto (Quinn)
This dog goes a little “houndy” for me, with a lot of round bone. He’s also a little more tentative, but proper in angulation, with the proper tail-set.

JUNIOR DOG (3 entries)

1st – Ch Gamecall Emerge (Hine)
Challenge Dog / Junior in Show
This dog is right up my alley, with a beautiful way of going, carries himself as a stallion even at this young age. Is correct sized dog – very balanced. Neck, shoulder and topline smooth and flow nicely into one another. Croup rounded and proper for your breed. He has a really pretty head, and there is enough dog here, without being too refined. He is beautifully presented, with a good front, good fill in front, depth of chest. His expression is soft and is most pleasing. He is a natural show dog which is a bonus.

2nd – Riversby Baisel Banjo (Roos)
Reserve Dog Challenge

This is a dog too that I like very much. He’s not as good in front as the first placed dog, but still filled with top quality. A dog of correct size. An attractive Vizsla dog throughout. Beautiful moving dog – good neck, shoulder and topline. Good angulation – balanced. Just off in front fill which could and should improve with maturity.

3rd – Metropolis Avent Hercules (Hanney)
This dog is more dog than I need. This breed can go a little Redbone Hound when their type has too much bone, too much body, and is heavier in skin. For me, he is too much.


1st – Tanashka Mestermu Rufus (Quinn)
Slightly longer than I need him to be, but the type is very good with the proper bone for size. Clean shoulder and topline, gentle roundness to the croup. Good bone, good body, good angulation. This is a nice dog, could have a more classic head piece.

2nd – Ch Zisunka Ace High (Barnard)
A little heavy in type, but he’s a good sized and balanced dog. A little harder in expression, a little heavier in head. A little bony over the topline, but a good dog. Not quite as good in front – a little more shallow fronted than first placed dog.


1st – Ch Gamecall Point Blank (Hine)
Australian Bred in Show
First in a class of one. Again, this is a good dog of good size. I’m happy to see that this trend is here, that they are not so big. He fits well into the Standard. Could have a little bit more let down rear, he could have a bit less prominent hip bone, a little better construction in front with elbows closer to the body. But an appealing dog with a good body, his ribcage is nicely sprung and a good length of ribcage. That’s where I like this dog, is through the body.

OPEN DOG (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Grand Ch Graebrook Lord Of Scandal (Graebrook Kennels)
This is a good type of dog with a beautiful head. Good balance, enough angulation at both ends to be really balanced, he’s got a good body. He’s beautiful to the hand to go over, he fits together beautifully, with the proper tail-set. This dog doesn’t move as well as others on the day. He’s not the same dog standing as he is moving, kind of labour-some in front, without enough lift and pull back in his front, and a little soft in drive behind. A beautiful type to look at and examine.

VETERAN DOG (4 entries, 2 absent)

“Both exhibits shown in hard condition – very happy to see that”

1st – Ch Belabartok Always Jethro CD TD ET (Taylor)
Veteran In Show
Super type dog, very appealing in the head. Beautiful to go over, good neck-shoulder line, good angulation. Well let down in front, with proper depth. Elbows held tight to the chest.

2nd – Grand Ch Daingeann Padraig (Mitchell)
Bigger dog perhaps coarser, a little higher stationed than my ideal. For me, he is not as fluid in motion, but a quality dog no doubt. This is a good animal with adequate bend behind. He can go a little “houndy” for me, but overall is a good dog. He is 10 years old with a beautiful head, maybe a bit bigger all over for me.

CHALLENGE DOG – Ch Gamecall Emerge
“He has a great way of going, beautiful topline, beautiful going around the ring. Athletic and strong and has a good deal of reach and drive. Very appealing to the hand. Just a super dog”

RESERVE CHALLENGE DOG – Riversby Baisel Banjo
“This dog shows a lot of promise. Stylish dog, athletic – could be a litter tighter in front, but this is a really good dog of excellent type”


1st – Habanero Rhythm And Blues (Frew)
This puppy is really appealing in size, she’s just hard to tell a whole lot from at this age. My concern is her front is a little funny coming at you today. She is proper in type. She’s a quality animal. Her angulation behind is good, her front is good, her topline is good. She’s a little tentative in temperament, but she’s young. Not as much character in head as the brother.


1st – Tanashka Ertekes Magdalena (Quinn)
This is a six month old bitch, very tentative today. Has her tail down, not ring wise, not exactly trained for the day. But standing is quite attractive in body shape. She is a good size, I wish she had a little more character and breed type in her face, but her body is quite good. This bitch has some value as a brood bitch.

PUPPY BITCH (4 entries)

1st – Tanashka Ertekes Juno (Quinn)
Reserve Challenge Bitch / Puppy In Show
I like this bitch. She’s very tentative today but the quality is still there. She’s appealing in head and shoulder and topline. Tail-set is probably a little bit too high. Could round more in croup. Her body is quite good and balance is excellent. She has a lot of quality. Will improve with exposure to the show ring.

2nd – Metropolis Avant Tout (Hanney)
Also quite good, she’s clearly more schooled than the first bitch, but her front is not as good. Appealing in head, good forechest. Good bone, good balance, nice bend of stifle behind. Proper tail-set.

3rd – Erdos Sparks Fly (Mitchell)
Proportions are a little off. A little short in leg, a little longer in body, but a quality animal. She’s 11 months old and she’s ‘piecey’ still – she was probably prettier a month ago, and now her body is changing, and it will come back. This is a rough age for her.

JUNIOR BITCH (2 entries)

1st – Riversby Baisel Birdy (Ward)
I like this bitch a lot. She’s excellent in type, I love her size. She’s not without her issues – she could have a slightly better topline but the type is good. She’s balanced – her front is good, her rear is correct, her depth of body is appealing, her length of body is appealing, she’s beautifully balanced. Her head is attractive, a pretty face, her fill in front is super.

2nd – Tanashka Kalends Rosza (Quinn)
This is a bigger bitch. She’s a bit rangy, she’s soft today, she’s in full season and that can change their muscling. She’s a bigger type than I like.


“Fourth placed bitch is also a quality animal. I think this was the most challenging class for me today, in that the quality is reasonably close. They are different, but they each have some nice virtues”

1st – Ch Gamecall Lapua Subsonic (AI) (Hine)
Challenge Bitch
Beautiful going round the ring, she stands up beautifully. Angulation is good, she’s balanced. Depth is good. Her proportions are quite nice, she moves well. Balanced in form and function.

2nd – Ch/Am Grand Ch Elgin Cariad Miss American Pie Of Habanero (Imp USA) (Frew)
I like this bitch a great deal, but she’s clearly just off maternity leave, and she’s a little broad bodied and just not in show condition yet, but a quality bitch. Where she could be better I think is if she had a little bit more angulation at both ends, but she’s very balanced nonetheless.

3rd – Ch Vincentoria Visionaire (Fowkes)
Goes over the fourth placed bitch on side gait with reach and drive. I might make her a little shorter in body, she’s a little different type than I’ve been putting up today, but it’s still good type, I still like her very much.


1st – Ch Palaway Mon Bijou (Hanney)
First place in a class of one. Good sized bitch, I like that she’s got some leg under her. Her proportions are good, her angulation is balanced. She just could be better in front. Pretty length of neck, good set of shoulder – all works well together. Tail-set is good. Just doesn’t hold herself going around – she has no carriage.

OPEN BITCH (3 entries)

1st – Ch Tanashka Osi Aggie (Quinn)
Open In Show
I wish this bitch would use herself and use her tail, but she’s a quality bitch. Beautiful body with a good front and she’s not too long. Useful bitch in a breeding program.


2nd – Ch Roughshoot Declaration (AI)(Imp UK) (Harris)
Not quite as good in front, maybe slightly longer in body. Lots of angulatin behind. I like these two bitches very very much, but this bitch doesn’t hold herself together as well coming at you.

3rd – Grand Ch Graebrook Shushienae ET (Wills)
The third placed bitch is also very nice, perhaps just a little short in body, maybe just a little longer would be nice and a little bit more break to her muzzle, she’s almost got no stop. A quality bitch.

VETERAN BITCH (2 entries)

1st – Grand Ch Graebrook Dzina Mzooni (Graebrook Kennels)
This is a good bitch but she’s big. Bigger than I need her to be, but that’s a nice bitch. For 9-1/2 she’s amazing. In good condition, strong, good mover, balanced, good angulation – this is a really good quality bitch, but just too big for me. She would have been a wonderful brood bitch I am sure.

2nd – Ch Daingeann Seonna (Mitchell)
Pretty type bitch, just not as conditioned as the first place getter, but a quality bitch. I’m sure in her day she was quite something.

CHALLENGE BITCH – Ch Gamecall Lapua Subsonic (AI)
She’s a good bitch, beautiful going round the ring. Just a very nice bitch”

“This is the puppy bitch. I like this bitch – I like her type. There are things I’d change about her, but she’s quite good. She’s a bitch I’d very easily take to breed”

“I think overall the bitches are “piecey” and as a result of that you make compromises on what you’re going to do when selecting them for placings. So for me, in bitches who I think ar emore varied than the dog classes, the quality is less obvious and I would put up those two bitches for their overall value to a breeding program”.


BEST OWNER BRED & HANDLED:  Riversby Baisel Birdy

PARENT & PROGENY:   Ch/Am Grand Ch Elgin Cariad Miss American Pie Of Habanero (Imp USA)

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