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    Gr Ch Graebrook Lord Ofscandal


11 October 2014

Firstly may I thank your Club for allowing me the opportunity of judging your dogs at your Championship Show. Also, the great sportsmanship that all the exhibitors accepted my decisions today, I thoroughly enjoyed the assignment.

Collectively, your dogs have good bone, feet, colour, coat, pigment and dentition. There are some with varying differences in the balance, the angles, the movement and expression. There were some instances of slightly higher tail sets than I would prefer.

However, I was extremely impressed with the consistency and depth of quality of your breed an you are to be congratulated.

Marie Bailey

BABY PUPPY DOG (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Metropolis Choisir La Vie (Hanney)
Very well balanced more mature puppy dog, strong topline and chest, very good angulation and set of neck. Pleasant head with correct bridge. A very good mover.

2nd – Graebrook Quintessential (Graebrook Kennels)
Also a very promising younger puppy, very well made good head with good bridge, correct topline. Also very good on the move with good angulation.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (1 entry, absent)
PUPPY DOG (2 entries)

1st – Graebrook Dublin Rogue (Sedgmen)
Puppy In Show
Nice young dog, very good head with good neck flowing into strong topline. Excellent feet and full dentition and good pigment with slightly better movement.


2nd – Graebrook Bennett (Staples)
Lovely head with good eyes, correct dentition, well angulated front with excellent feet, good muscling, level topline kept on move and moved very well.

JUNIOR DOG (0 entries)

1st – Tanashka Ertekes Otto (Quinn)
Reserve Challenge Dog / Intermediate In Show
An elegant and noble dog, more mature than second, lovely head with proud carriage with good front and forequarters with excellent feet. Well muscled, good strong back and kept level on the move. Lovely smooth mover, with great harmony of beauty and strength.


2nd – Hanafor Alspice Grantham (Tranter)
Younger dog but very nicely made in good proportions, very pleasant head and of good height. Correct dentitiion, excellent bone and muscle, good feet. Level topline and moved well but a little closer behind.


1st – Ch Graebrook Kausin Kaos (Graebrook Kennels)
Well balanced and noble dog with very nice outline, with good head, pleasant head with good bridge and complete dentition. Very good neck flowing into level back. Good feet and pigment, moved extremely well.

2nd – Ch Tanashka Mestermu Rufus (Quinn)
Another well balanced dog with pleasant head and bridge, correct oval eye and correct dentition. Well angled forequarters, strong topline with correct oval feet. Moved very well.

3rd – Ch Riversby Baisel Banjo CCD (Roos)
Very pleasant outline, very strong topline with good neck set. Complete dentition, good pigment, good angulation and excellent feet. Moved very well.

OPEN DOG (5 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Gr Ch Graebrook Lord Ofscandal (Graebrook Kennels)
Challenge Dog /Open In Show
Medium sized, elegant and noble dog with very well balanced outline, good dry head, well proportioned with good oval eye and pigment, great bone and front angulation. Very good movement with very strong level topline showing light footed gait with good reach and drive.


2nd – Ch Gamecall Emerge (Hine)
Well balanced dog with very nice head with good eye and correct dentition and pigment. Excellent front assembly, good oval feet, strong topline with reach and drive.

3rd – Ch Hanafor Alspice Winchester (Wittick)
Balanced dog of very good type, pleasant head with good pigment and correct dentition. Good front angulation with excellent feet, moved very well.

NEUTER DOG (0 entries)
BABY PUPPY BITCH (2 entries)

1st – Graebrook Single White Female (Graebrook Kennels)
Baby Puppy In Show
Very young baby with beautiful outline, very lovely head, strong bone, good strong topline together with good antulation fore and aft. Moved very well, especially for one so young.


2nd – Metropolis Choisir Moi (Hanney)
Another lovely baby, a little older, very pleasant head and eye with good pigment, excellent front and feet, strong topline kept on the move.


1st – Erdos Read My Lips (Roos)
Minor Puppy In Show
Nicely balanced girl with good head and eye, well set neck into level topline that is kept on the move. Excellent bone, feet and angulation with good reach and drive on the move.


2nd – Palaway My Khaleesi (Macken)
Balanced girl with appealing head, good neck and good dentition, topline very good with well angled front. Good straight legs, feet, moved very well.

3rd – Kenoz Totoka Tornado (Butler)
Different type and younger, but balanced with strong topline, good head and dentitiion. Also good oval feet, but not quite settled on the day.

PUPPY BITCH (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Gamecall Storiebook (Hine)
Balanced outline with good head with good dentition, well angled front, strong back with very good topline and well angled hindquarter. Fluid side gait with topline kept on the move.

2nd – Graebrook Voodoo Child (Gowers)
Clean outline with good head and correct dentition, good neck into strong topline, very good bone with clean front and oval feet. Moved very well.

JUNIOR BITCH (3 entries)

1st – Graebrook Merlot (Sharp)
Junior In Show
A medium, well balanced outine, good angulation front and back with strong back, good bone, feet and dentitiion. Moved with reach and drive.


2nd – Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Beaucoup (AI) (Hanney)
Balanced girl with very good topline, very pleasant head, good straight bone and feet, moved well in side gait, a little close behind.

3rd – Hubertus All Elegance (Thompson/Pali)
Pleasant outline with good head. Very well angled front and level topline, very good oval feet, good bone and moved well but would like cleaner hind action.


1st – Hanafor Iver Flickwych (Sedgmen)
A nicely balanced girl, with very pleasing head, good dentition, well placed neck flowing into very good lay of shoulder, strong topline and strong hindquarters. Good bone and good feet. Moved with reach and drive in fluid movements.

2nd – Ch Gamecall Dreambywater (Bywater/Hine)
A balanced girl with lovely head and pigment. Well placed neck flowing into topline that was kept on move, good strong bone and feet. Very smooth gait.

3rd – Ch Metropolis Avant Tout (Hanney)
Another balanced girl with strong topline, feminine head and correct dentition. Strong bone, excellent feet, moved quite well.


1st – Ch Hanafor Alspice Wroxton (Harris/Stading)
Reserve Challenge Bitch / Australian Bred In Show
A very balanced girl with good head, eyes and pigment, feet and bone, good neck and topline that remained level on the move. Well angulated shoulders and hindquarters. Fluid gait with upright carriage, giving impression of noble appearance.


2nd – Ch Gamecall Lapua Subsonic (AI) (Hine)
A lovely girl, pleasant head, oval eyes and good dentitiion. Strong neck with very good front having straight bone, strong topline on move.

3rd – Graebrook Imagine (Graebrook Kennels)
The best mover and best type but a little shy on the day, mores the pity. Excellent movement with angulation both fore and aft that was extremely well balanced. Good bone, feet, feminine head etc but sadly could not take top awards today.

OPEN BITCH (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st –  Gr Ch Graebrook Shushienae ET (Wills)
Challenge Bitch
A well balanced medium sized elegant and noble girl. A very well balanced outline in lovely proportion. Easy, fluid light footed mover, sound and with a strong topline in gait. Good oval eye, feminine but strong dry head and muzzle, good dentition. Very well angled with lovely flow of neck into topline, allowing harmony of outline. Strong but beautiful.


2nd – Ch Shaunuff High Society (Harris/Stading)
A very lovely balanced girl, strong head with good pigment plus good dentition. Straight bone, good topline and deep strong chest. She moved very well.

NEUTER BITCH (3 entries, 2 absent)

1st – Dual Ch (T) Kimlise Verdi Chardy CCD RN NRA ORA (Vale)
Neuter In Show



Ch Gamecall Dreambywater



Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Beaucoup (AI)



Ch Riversby Baisel Banjo CCD


UTILITY / UDX (0 entries)
OPEN (0 entries)
NOVICE (4 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Rugalmas Kevron Otto (Dunstan) 183pts

CCD (1 entry, absent)
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