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    Ch Tanashka Mestermu Rufus

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5 April 2015 (PM)

I was overall thrilled with the entry today. Definite positives in the breed are nice dark eyes, clean fronts, good forechests, good feet. Things to be careful of, this is to be a golden russet breed, not a red breed. Also we need to make sure we are not getting too narrow and long of skull or having dogs that are dipping in the topline from the front to the rear. I was very impressed with the overall soundness and temperaments, but there were a few lovely specimens of the breed that did not show in my opinion appropriate temperament. For the most 95% of them were outstanding. Again thrilled with this opportunity. I saw some wonderful dogs I would be honoured to have in my own breeding programme.

Kathy Rust

BABY PUPPY DOG (6 entries, 1 absent)

Overall, three very quality babies.

1st – Shaunuff Underneath The Radar (Johnson/Winch)
Opposite Sex Baby Puppy In Show
The baby puppy, while quite young, has a lot of potential. Great angulation front and rear, carries his topline well, good tailset, great layback into shoulder and front chest. Going to be a very sound dog.


2nd – Tanashka Nemes Ziggy (Quinn)
Little boy number 2 also really good profile, excellent headpiece, good neck into shoulders, excellent forechest. Would like just a tiny bit more length.

3rd – Hanafor The Enforcer (AI) (Harris/Stading)
This boy ended up in third place due to a little bit straighter rear, would like more bend of stifle, slightly houndier head.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (0 entries)
PUPPY DOG (1 entry)

1st – Graebrook Quintessential (Abell)
Opposite Sex Puppy In Show
Definitely in the adolescent stage, but shows quite a bit of potential. Currently has a nice hard topline. Will need to come together a little bit front and rear. Overall will probably mature to be a quality dog.


JUNIOR DOG (6 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Graebrook Dublin Rogue (Sedgmen)
Opposite Sex Junior In Show
While still in an immature state has good balance coming and going. Good headpiece, will need to body out some, great tailset, moderate angles overall. Eyes are coming nice and dark, good feet, good balance.


2nd – Ciganyoz Designer Genes (Metcalfe)
A more substantial dog, he lost to number one due to his lack of return of upper arm. Also good proportions, nice feet, good headpiece but would like more return of upper arm.

3rd – Graebrook Bennett (Staples)
While a sound mover, could use alittle bit better head and a little bit more bend of stifle.


This was a really strong class overall.

1st – Ch Hubertus The Real Deal (AI) (Blaik/Pali)
Intermediate In Show
Was very typey, while a little bit more of a refined male, he exuded breed type. Beautiful headpiece, great front, he floated around the ring, big open gait. A little bit higher tailset, but overall the quality of the dog is outstanding.


2nd – Ch Hanafor Alspice Grantham (Tranter)
Lost to the first placed dog a little bit on movement only. Overall a good quality dog, good depth of the chest, good prosternum. Nice side gait.

3rd – Ch Russetglen The Archer (AI) (Bleasdale-Adkins)
Also quality, lovely topline, nice carriage, great tailset, good substantial dog.

AUSTRALIAN BRED DOG (11 entries, 1 absent)

I was honoured with a wonderful class of 10 Aussie Bred dogs.

1st – Ch Tanashka Mestermu Rufus (Quinn)
Challenge Dog / Australian Bred In Show
The first placed dog was very much my style of dog. Moderate, but appropriate bone. Beauitful headpiece. Nice dark eye, clean coming and going. Tailset slightly below the level of the croup, carried a solid topline, nice angles in the rear.


2nd – Ch Hanafor Magdari Denzel (Harris)
Second placed was a more substantial dog, a little bit more flew but also a very nice dog.

3rd – Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Monsieur (AI) (Hanney)
The third boy was not as strong as 1st & 2nd, but held his own. Completely sound coming and going.

OPEN DOG (9 entries, 1 absent)

This was a lovely class.

1st – Ch Riversby Baisel Banjo CCD (Roos)
Reserve Challenge Dog
Very sound moving dog, great style, definitely moderate, moderate, moderate. Overall, he outmoved the other two.


2nd – Ch Hanafor Alspice Winchester (Wittick)
My second plced dog, while having a little bit more substance and more forechest, wasn’t quite as sound as the first dog. Little bit lower placed tailset.

3rd – Ch Shaunuff Qanda (Shaw)
Was a little bit more extreme but yet held his own against the other two.

My Challenge Dog nipped out my reserve by just a little bit more forechest, both very similar in style and type. Both very quality dogs I’d be proud to have in my own breeding programme. Great headpieces, nice dark eyes, good feet, good substance, big nice clean easy going on the gait going around. Honoured to have these dog dogs in my ring today.

BABY PUPPY BITCH (7 entries, 1 absent)

All of them have great side gait and all are good examples of the breed.

1st – Tanashka Nemes Ilka (Barnard)
Baby Puppy In Show
A lovely puppy, she’s going to grow up to be phenomenal.


2nd – Tanashka Vadosz Joci (Quinn)
Great substance, good return of upper arm. Needs to come into her head a little bit, a little bit houndier but overall lovely example, nice proportions, good bone.

3rd – Gamecall Tayke Another Breath (AI) (Hine)
Just barely old enough to enter, but shows all potential, great tailset, great movement.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (1 entry, absent)
PUPPY BITCH (2 entries)

1st – Graebrook Single White Female (Graebrook Kennels)
Puppy In Show
The puppy class are both going to be lovely girls. The first placed was overall smoother picture than my second placed bitch. Both of them have a strong go around. They just need to come into themselves, they haven’t yet reached maturity and are a little bit parts and pieces.


2nd – Metropolis Choisir Moi (Hanney)

JUNIOR BITCH (6 entries, 1 absent)

In the Junior class we had a little bit of a hodge podge. The three that came up on top have at this point in their career they have parts and pieces that can come together.

1st – Kenoz Totoka Tornado (Butler)
Junior In Show
This girl was the overall soundest in the ring.


2nd – Gamecall Storiebook (Hine)
Also a lovely girl has the prosternum but not quite balanced in the rear.

3rd – Erdos Read My Lips (Roos)
Is also going to be very stylish but lacking rear.

INTERMEDIATE BITCH (6 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Beaucoup (AI) (Hanney)
Reserve Challenge Bitch
Opposite Sex Intermediate In Show
Rose to the top by being a nice moderate dog, great angles, good expression, beautiful front and side gait. Has a nice balanced side gait. Gait was clean coming and going. Appropriate tailset and good tail carriage.


2nd – Ch Hubertus All Elegance (Pali/Thompson)
Is a little bit more elegant, not quite as sound as the first.

3rd – Ch Graebrook Witchcraft (Taylor)
Is still a little bit immature but will come into her own in good time.


Three very quality bitches were put up. All of them were appropriate size, colour, moderation, good fronts. One thing we need to be sure we are not getting a too long muzzle.

1st – Ch Riversby Baisel Birdy (Ward)
Opposite Sex Australian Bred In Show
First place is definitely my style of bitch. Sound, moderate, good depth of chest. Beautiful size. Slight, slight rounding over the croup, good tail carriage.


2nd – Ch Gamecall Lapua Subsonic (AI) (Hine)

3rd – Ch Metropolis Avant Tout (Hanney)

OPEN BITCH (9 entries)

1st – Grand Ch Graebrook Shushienae ET (Wills)
Challenge Bitch / Open In Show
Gorgeous going around. Huge open side gait with nothing overdone. Nice, nice, nice size, good colour – truly a golden rust. Good tailset, slightly lower than the level of the croup without being carried too high. Wonderful feet, moderate tuck up.


2nd – Ch Hungargunn Juicy Couture (AI) (Metcalfe)
A little bit more substantial, a little bit more turn of stifle. Also a lovely bitch, but not quite as in balance with her front.

3rd – Ch Erdos Ima Believer (Marsden)
Could hold her own against the first and second. On any given day one of these three could go up for first.

OPEN NEUTER (3 entries)

Could have held their own in the regular classes.

1st – Dual Ch (T) Kimlise Verdi Chardy CCD RN NRA ORA (Vale)
Neuter In Show
Lovely mover.


2nd – Dual Ch (T) Gamefinder Pyrotechnic RE NRA (Turner)
Older girl, took my breath away. She must have been really pretty in her prime.

3rd – Ch Graebrook Magic Spell TDX (Knox)
A little bit lower set croup, but overall quality dog.

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