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    Gr Ch Graebrook Kausin Kaos ET


8 October 2016

BABY PUPPY DOG (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Graebrook I Am Legend (AI) (Graebrook Knls)
Lovely puppy, good size for age.  Correct eye set with correct proportion, not too broad in skull, firm eyelids, correct bite.  He carries himself very well, is very nice in forechest, and extremely good shoulder and shoulder angulation.  He has a nice topline, very well angulated behind, carries himself well around the ring.  Extremely good straight from front and covers ground nicely behind.

2nd – Gamecall The Perfect Wave (Hine)
Also a nice male, a little bit broad in skull and also a little too prominent in his cheekbones.  Otherwise nice head, a bit bigger ear.  Has enough angulation front and rear, he has a nice topline, carries himself well about the ring.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (0 entries)
PUPPY DOG Dog (0 entries)
JUNIOR DOG (2 entries)

1st – Hubertus Dream Deal (AI) (Pali/Blaik)
Reserve Challenge Dog / Junior In Show
Very well developed for his age.  Lovely expression, correct length of muzzle, well set ears of correct length, very nice neck.  Well developed and deep chest.  Very nice long ribs behind, excellent tail set.  Very well angulated behind.  Moves and carries himself very well around the ring.

2nd – Kenoz Rockrose Starstruck (AI) (Butler)
15 months old male today.   He still has a lot of his development to do.  Has nice head, correct skull against muzzle, and nice tight eyelids.  Well set ears of correct length longer neck which I don’t want to be any longer.  Needs to be a little bit more laid down in his shoulder, needs to be more prominent in his forechest.  Good level back, though he is a bit rounded in his croup and his tail is a little low set, and it also affects his movement.  Well angulated hindquarters, and lovely temperament.


1st – Gamecall The Ocean Tayke Me (AI) (Hine)
Male, very noble and elegant in his outline, lovely head, good expression, correct eye colour, has well set ears.  His neck is of correct moderate length.  He still needs to be developing a bit more forechest.  Good straight bones and feet and good depth of body and elbows lying correct into.  Very nicely angulated behind and good height of hocks.  Moves and carries himself very well.

2nd – Metropolis Debut Hunter (Hanney)
Quite a big boy, and although he has a nice outline I want him a bit more noble in his head – he is a bit too broad in his skull.  Correct bite, good length of neck, well angulated in his front.  Could be a bit stronger in his topline, well angulated behind.  He moves himself a bit in two tracks coming and going.  Otherwise carries himself well.


1st – Tanashka Nemes Nokki (Quinn)
Male, very nice in proportions.  Lovely noble head, correct eyelids, correct length of muzzle.  Well set ears, nice neck.  Standing with his straight legs correctly under him, well developed chest.  Good firm strong topline, very well set tail.  He moves very nicely and easily coming and going.

2nd – Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Monsieur (AI) (Hanney)
Male, big up to size.  I would like more noble qualities in his head.  He has correct length of skull, but to me the lips are not clean enough.  Well set ears, good length of neck, very well developed chest.  Good strong body and well angulated behind.

3rd – Ch Gamecall Emerge (Hine)
Good size male, nice head, good expression, correct firm eyelids, could be a little longer in his muzzle.  Correct moderate length of neck, well developed in his chest and body, good straight legs and feet.  Correct strong back, a bit too high in his tail set.  Enough angulation in his back end but would prefer wider thigh.  Me moves very well.

OPEN DOG (3 entries)

1st – Gr Ch Graebrook Kusin Kaos ET (Graebrook Kennels)
Challenge Dog / Open In Show
Impressive dog in his outline, lovely head and expression, correct eye colour, well set ears.  Lovely neck, lovely strong topline.  Very well angulated in front and straight legs under him, lovely tail set, good thickness of thigh, good height of hocks.  He moves excellently, well balanced.

2nd – Gr Ch Hubertus The Real Deal (AI) (Pali/Blaik)
Male of good size, lovely head good expression.  Correct muzzle and skull, well set ears, nice tight eyelids, nice neck and developed chest, strong back, well set tail.  Correctly angulated behind, carries himself well around the ring.

3rd – Tanashka Nemes Nokki (Quinn)
Male, I could prefer a bit more masculine.  I would prefer him a bit longer in his muzzle into his skull.  Well set ears, correct length of neck.  A little upright in his shoulder, but well developed in his forechest.  Strong back, could prefer a little higher tail set, well angulated behind.  Moves OK from side and coming and going.

BABY PUPPY BITCH (5 entries)

1st – Graebrook A Moment Of Truth (AI) (Graebrook Kennels)
Baby Puppy In Show
Excellent puppy bitch, extremely good in outline for age.  Lovely noble head with correct expression.  Well set ears, correct proportions in skull and muzzle.  Extremely nice length of neck, correctly moderate, very well developed in chest and body for age.  Front legs standing very well under her.  Excellent tail set, very well angulated behind, correct low hocks.

2nd – Gamecall Making Waves (Hine)
Nice head proportions, could be a bit more firmer in throat.  Moderate neck, well balanced shoulder, good fore chest, good length of ribcage, very nicely angulated behind.  Correct movement, correct tail set, lovely temperament.

3rd – Metropolis Elle Coquette (Hanney)
Eyes need to darken, a bit short in forehead which will need to develop.  Well set ears, correct moderate length of neck, well developed in chest and body for her age.  Good straight bones, well angulated behind.  Movement of course unstable because of her age, but from the side excellent rear drive.

PUPPY BITCH (0 entries)
JUNIOR BITCH (1 entry)

1st – Ch Kenoz Roknrose Star Quality (AI) (Fogarty)
Bitch of correct size, nice head, good expression, correct proportions between skull and forehead.  Correct bite, nice eye colour.  Correct moderate length of neck, very well developed in chest and body.  Straight forelegs, correct level topline, a bit rounded in her croup, well angulated behind, moves with nice reach and drive.


1st – Ch Gamecall Tayke Another Breath (AI) (Hine)
Reserve Challenge Bitch / Intermediate In Show
Correct size, excellent head with correct proportions of skull and muzzle, correct eye colour, excellent ear set with correctly shaped ears.  Very moderate length of neck, well developed forechest and depth of chest.  Well angulated and legs nicely behind her.  I would prefer a higher tail set, well angulated, moves soundly with reach and drive.

2nd – Ch Kenoz Totoka Tornado (Butler)
Also a bitch of excellent size.  head proportions – a bit short in muzzle compared to skull, good eye colour, well set ears.  Correct moderate length of neck, well developed in chest and body, straight bones, good firm topline, very well angulated behind.

3rd – Tanashka Vodosz Joci (Quinn)
Nice head, I would prefer a bit more feminine in expression, correct bite, good ear and ear set, correct moderate length of neck, well developed in chest and body, could have little better lay down of shoulder, well set tail, well angulated behind, moves a little bit wide in coming otherwise nice movement, good reach and drive.


1st – Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Beaucoup (AI) (Hanney)
Australian Bred In Show
Lovely bitch in outline but today she’s still showing she’s a bit out of condition.  She has an excellent head, lovely expression, lovely eye colour, well set ears, lovely moderate length of neck, forelegs standing well under her, very well developed in chest and body.  Carrying too much weight today, but still good tail set.  Well angulated, moves and carries herself very well.

2nd – Graebrook Single White Female (Graebrook Kennels)
Bitch of excellent size, nice head, lovely eye colour, well set ear, correct moderate length of neck, acceptable angles in shoulder correct.  Could have a bit more forechest and depth of body.  Correct tail set, angulated behind.  Today she doesn’t want to show off and didn’t show her tail.

OPEN BITCH (1 entry)

1st – Ch Metropolis Avant Tout (Hanney)
Challenge Bitch
Critique not audible for this entry.

NEUTER CLASS – (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Tanashka Ertekes Otto (Quinn)
Critique not audible for this entry.


Best Gaited: Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Beaucoup (AI)
Best Headed: Metropolis Debut Hunter

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