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    Sup Ch Graebrook Kausin Kaos TD ET


16 April 2017

BABY PUPPY DOG (1 entry)

1st – Hanafor Lincs Gold (Harris & Stading)
I have a young male, almost six months of age.  Strong dog, he has plenty of bone and substance for his age.  Really nice going around the ring with good reach and drive.  He’s a little loose in the front coming at you but that will probably change as he grows older – he has really good layback of shoulder, wonderful prosternum and depth of chest.  Just a typical loose gangly puppy for his age, but he has plenty of promise.

Minor Puppy Dog – (1 entry, absent)
Puppy Dog (1 entry, absent)
Junior Dog (2 entries)

Two in the class – they stayed in the same order as they came in.
1st – Graebrook I Am Legend (AI) (Graebrook Kennels)
First dog for me is just a lot smoother, both standing and moving.  He’s a little more refined, and I like the blend of his neck into shoulders, he has a good prosternum.  He has the right amount of bone, strong bone.  His length and proportion are all correct.  Tail set is correct, not too high.  He has wonderful reach and drive going around the ring.  Again a little loose coming towards you, but nothing to be overly worried about.

2nd – Gamecall The Perfect Wave (Hine)
Second is a stronger dog, a little broader in the skull than I prefer.  His front – shoulders a little forward set, which doesn’t allow him to reach as much in the front as the winner.

Definitely where the first dog wins out in this class is just his overall balance, reach and drive – just overall a better dog for me.

Intermediate Dog (3 entries)

1st – Ch Hubertus Dream Deal (Pali/Blaik)
What I really liked about this dog was his moderation.  I loved his size, loved his amount of bone, it was correct.  Really pleasing face – loved the proportions of the head and skull.  I just liked the fact that he is moderate everywhere.  I could fault him in certain areas – I wish his tail was a little lower it’s a little high set, and I wish he wouldn’t carry it so high, but I just liked the overall moderation on this dog.

2nd – Tanashka Nemes Nokki (Quinn)
Second dog is a little bigger than my first dog, but he has some nice things about him.  He didn’t show 100% today, but I do like the layback of his shoulder.  He has a beautiful prosternum and depth of chest, he’s balanced front and rear, with just the right amount of bone, it’s strong bone with just the right amount.

3rd – Metropolis Debut Hunter (Hanney)
Third dog is a bigger dog than I prefer, not in size but in substance – he has a lot more bone, a lot more substance.  He showed better than the second dog, but I think when you’re prioritising what you prefer in size and type and substance, and that’s why the second dog, even though he didn’t show great goes over the third dog today.

Australian Bred Dog (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Gamecall The Ocean Tayke Me (AI) (Hine)
Reserve Challenge Dog
Only dog in the class.  He’s actually a really handsome dog.  Again this dog is a very moderate dog, he’s very correct, he’s the right size for me.  His bone, his substance all go together.  Wonderful head, I love his shoulders, his prosternum, his depth of chest, he’s the right length.  Coming and going he’s absolutely dead sound, probably the soundest I’ve judged so far.  Just love his balance, his tailset is just below the level of the back, he carries it well.  A little tentative right now in his class, but I still like many things about this dog.

Open Dog (2 entries)

Class of two.  Both dogs actually have a lot of quality about them individually.
1st – Sup Ch Graebrook Kausin Kaos TD ET (Graebrook Kennels)
Challenge Dog / Open In Show
First dog is a moderate dog – he’s up to size, not oversize but for his size he has the correct amount of bone, it is strong bone.  I love his face, it’s just such a pleasing expression.  Beautiful shoulders, great prosternum, depth of chest to the elbow, wonderful topline and 
tail set.  Angulation both front and rear are moderate and match each other, which shows on the move. He just goes down and back effortlessly, going around the ring he carries himself really well – topline is perfect.  He has great reach and drive and he does it with absolutely no effort whatsoever.

2nd – Gr Ch Hubertus The Real Deal (AI) (Blaik)
Second dog standing is a beautiful type dog as well.  Moderate, he’s a great size, he has the right bone and substance for his size.  Again, another dog with a great head, and this dog has wonderful layback of shoulder, good prosternum and depth of chest.  I would just give him a little more angle in the rear and I would lower his tail set just a little bit.  When he goes around his edges are just a little bit harsher – so like his topline is dead level, the tail comes straight off the back and he carries it a little bit high, and with that and his rear being a little bit straighter – I kind of explain that as being ‘linear’, meaning more straight in places.  But still a really good dog.

Veteran Dog (7 – Under 10 Years)  – (0 entries)
Veteran Dog (Over 10 Years) – (0 entries)
Baby Puppy Bitch (6 entries, 1 absent)

First of all I’d like to say about the entire class that the temperaments were outstanding.  And for this age – all of them were around 5 months – every one of them were so sound, so good on their feet.  Nice easy going puppies – really you’d be happy to have any one of them.  The first three are more of the type that I prefer – very similar all three.
1st – Metropolis Glisser Choosy Miss (Hanney)
Baby Puppy In Show
Beautiful head, I love her shape.  She’s got excellent bone, beautiful column of bone even right down to her feet.  Great shoulder placement, excellent prosternum.  Goes around very nicely, a little loose in the front, but I was absolutely not 
worried about that at this stage.  Great topline, tail set correct – just off the back.

2nd – Metropolis Honorer Hallelujah (Hanney)
Another beautiful bitch.  Sound, probably a little better in front coming at you than the first bitch, and she has probably the best layback of shoulder of all of them.  Her tail set is a little higher than I prefer, but beautiful qualities.

3rd – Metropolis Honorer The Ode (Hanney)
Similar to the first two.  A little slighter, a little bit less bone and a little less body compared to the other two.  Again, she’s got a great front, good layback of shoulder, good prosternum, well angulated front and rear.  I like her tail set.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2 entries)

1st – Graebrook Colour Me Happy (Cox)
Challenge Bitch / Minor Puppy In Show
First place is actually really beautiful.  I watched her move when she went around the first time, thinking how beautifully sound she was with great reach and drive, and then she went down and back, and 
everything exactly the same – dead sound going, dead sound coming.  All the parts of this bitch fit nicely.  She’s the right size, she’s the right shape, she has the right tail set, beautiful shoulders, she has just the right amount of prosternum, depth of chest down to the elbow, good bone all the way down to the feet.  She’s very moderate – nothing overdone on that bitch whatsoever.

2nd – Metropolis Fanfarede Flair (Staniforth)
She’s a little more stylised.  She didn’t show particularly great today – her tail was down.  I see some qualities in her – she has a good amount of body, good shoulder placement, nice prosternum, depth of chest down to the elbow.  Her head’s a little plain, I would give her a little more angulation in the rear, but I think if this bitch showed a little better, you’d actually see qualities in her that I didn’t see today.

Puppy Bitch (6 entries)

An entry of six – every single one of them was different and so it was really interesting going over them individually.  Pretty much all of them were sound in this class, and I then had to use some of my personal preferences as to what went into the particular order, and my preference is always to just go for something that is moderate when nothing kind of stands out.  My first and second two bitches were where I spent a little time deciding which ways I was going to go.  I prefer some of the things about each one of them, but none of them have the same attributes – they all have opposite attributes.  They both move very well.
1st – Kenoz Rocks Lady Marmalade (AI) (Austin)
Puppy In Show
The first bitch, I would like to see a little more fuller muzzle, maybe just a slightly shorter ear, but a beautiful shoulder and front, the whole front construction is very smooth.  She’s very moderate, great prosternum, chest goes down to elbow, excellent column of bone, carries herself nicely when she goes around.  Really in this breed when fronts used to be such a problem, the front on this bitch makes her first in this class. 

2nd – Gamecall Rhythm Of The Waves (Morris)
Second bitch – I loved her head, I love her moderation, love her balance.  She’s a little more forward set in shoulder.  Not the same amount of depth of chest as my winner and that’s where she falls second.  I do love the way she goes – I love her topline, her tail set is correct.

3rd – Metropolis Elle Coquette (Hanney)
Third bitch is interesting.  She’s probably a little bigger than I prefer.  Plenty of her for a puppy – she’s got lots of substance and lots of bone, but everything on her fits.  Her head matches her body, her bone matches her body.   When she goes around she’s sound.  There is nothing to dislike about this bitch – wonderful front, good prosternum – she’s just slightly bigger than I prefer, but I do appreciate the qualities that she has.

Junior Bitch (2 entries)

Two bitches – completely different styles to each other.
1st – Graebrook River Monster (AI) (Graebrook Kennels)
Junior In Show
For me one is much more moderate, she has the right amount of bone, she’s the right size, she’s the right shape and that’s my winner.  Beautiful front construction, wonderful layback of shoulder, gorgeous 
fore chest – goes right down to elbow.  Moderately angled front and rear.  I’d prefer her face up a little bit, but that’s neither here nor there for me, particularly on this breed.

2nd – Metropolis Elle Cheeky Minx (Hanney)
Second bitch is a much bigger bitch, a strong bond bitch.  I do like her head – it matches her body, I like her muzzle, her skull and her ears.  She’s got a reasonable shoulder layback then she gets a little straight in the upper arm, a little straighter in the pastern.  Just a much bigger bitch than I prefer.

Intermediate Bitch (3 entries)

1st – Ch Kenoz Rocknroze Star Quality (AI) (Fogarty)
Intermediate In Show
The thing that struck me most about this bitch was her correct moderation and size.  She was elegant but still robust.  She was moderately balanced front and rear.  Of course, there are a few places I would change her, like a better lay of shoulder and better tail carriage (docked but a little high when moving).  But overall this bitch is more of a style I prefer.

The next two bitches are heavier than I prefer.
2nd – Ch Gamecall Tayke Another Breath (AI) (Hine)
This bitch has a lot of bone and substance.  Seemed to go well on the move and carried herself well as she went.

3rd – Ch Metropolis Choisir Moi (Hanney)
Again more bone and substance.  I would have liked to see her move out better and carry her tail a little lower even though the actual set of the tail was correct.

Australian Bred Bitch (3 entries)

1st – Ch Graebrook Imagine (Graebrook Kennels)
Reserve Challenge Bitch / Australian Bred In Show
This bitch caught my eye immediately.  Balanced, correct amount of bone and body, she used herself well on the move.  I love her head and expression.  She has just the right amount of bone for her body.  She probably fits right in the middle of the height standard.  If I was being picky, I would bring her upper arm under her a little more to match with her great shoulder placement.  She didn’t show as well for a different handler in the CC line-up, but I had already seen what I like in her class to still give her the Reserve.

2nd – Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Beaucoup (AI) (Hanney)
Again with most of my placings, she gets defeated by the other bitch on moderation.  This girl is a bitch with a lot of substance, and in addition to that, I would give her more length of leg.  The combination of the lack of leg length and substance makes her way too much for me.  She doesn’t have parts that fit together nicely, she is just not the type I prefer.

3rd – Tanashka Vadosz Joci (Quinn)
This is a big girl, much too big for me.  Not in height, just overall bone and substance.  She is as far from the spectrum than I prefer and that’s why she ends up 3rd.

Open Bitch (2 entries)

Two quality bitches in this class.
1st – Ch Graebrook Single White Female (Graebrook Kennels)
My first bitch is a very moderate bitch.  There’s plenty of her, but she’s not overdone.  I love the way that she flows through her neck and shoulders – she is so smooth and elegant, which is where she wins over the second bitch.  They both have great heads.  First bitch has great shoulder, she has wonderful shoulder lay, great depth of chest down to her elbows, good topline and tail set.  She goes around the ring with absolutely no effort with good reach and drive.

2nd – Ch Metropolis Avant Tout (Hanney)
My second bitch again – she’s a really good bitch.  Wonderful head, I like her size, I like her shape.  She’s a little steep in the shoulder than my first bitch, which is where she goes second in this class.   She’s got a good prosternum, she’s got good depth of chest, carries herself well when going around the ring.

Veteran Bitch – (7 – Under 10 Years) (2 entries)

Again, like in the Open class, these are two very good bitches.  Both – I like their shape, I like their size.
1st – Sup Ch Graebrook Shushienae TD ET (Wills)
Veteran In Show
The first bitch is so smooth and clean.  Again, that’s where she beats the second bitch.  Beautifully smooth shoulders, good depth of chest to the elbows.  I would actually give her a little more prosternum, but it doesn’t hinder her movement, going around the ring at all.  She has beautiful reach and drive, good column of bone down to her feet.  She’s got an excellent topline, beautiful 
tail set – just off the line of the back.  Really good bitch.

2nd – Ch Palaway Mon Bijou (Hanney)
The second bitch – another very good bitch.  Beautiful face on this bitch.  A little more forward in the shoulder, she hs a little more prosternum than the first bitch.  But just not as smooth and as elegant to go over, but I like her angulation front and rear, good tail set.  Again her side gait is very good with excellent reach and drive.


Best Owner Bred & Handled: Sup Ch Graebrook Kausin Kaos TD ET
Parent & Progeny: Sup Ch Graebrook Shushienae TD ET

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