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    Ch Riversby Baisel Birdy ET


14 October 2017

“Thanks a lot to the Vizsla Club of NSW Committee for inviting me and also to the Stewards for their kind helpful work.

It is always an interesting task for me to judge Vizslas in a foreign country, and to observe the development of my national breed for away from the country of origin.  Thanks to the exhibitors for the honouring entry numbers!

In many countries the Vizslas are too small with light bones looking a bit Whippet like.  The other fault in so many countries the too dark brownish-red colour which is a fault as per standard.  Here most of the dogs were absolutely free of this faults and it was heartwarming for me!

I would like to draw your attention to a fault that is very common in foreign countries too.  The heads not meeting the standard.  I found some too broad, course skulls, too strong jaws part Roman noses and too heavy deep lips, too much stops.  These are all faults according to the standard and take away from the lean and noble head attributes of the Vizsla.  The Vizsla have an unique head, note the same as other gun dogs.  Never looking like GSP’s, Weimaraner’s or Pointer’s heads.  Don’t forget the word moderate, it is the most important word in the standard special about the head.  Moderate wide, moderate stop, moderate long, moderate deep.

I saw luckily very few sloping towlines and unbalanced angulations in front upright, behind too much.  It is a dangerous direction nowadays in the show world in many breeds.  It is may be eye catching, flashy or showy but not for a Vizsla.  Vizsla should have straight, horizontal topline and balanced, moderate angles”

Marianne Gyarfas (Hungary

Please note:  This critique is unedited – Marianne has clarified the following:-
“when I write muzzle I think the part of the head from the stop to the nose.  With other word fore face.  When I write jaw I mean the side part of the skull between the ear and eye.  With other work cheek.  If I write this part is too wide I mean the cheek bones are too emergent and covered too much connective tissue? (I’m not sure it is the right word but sure you understand it)”

Baby Puppy Dog – (1 entry, absent)
Minor Puppy Dog – (1 entry)

1st – Riversby Sukaan Subsonic (Nardi/Ward)
Well developed 8 months old puppy.  Very nice head his eye colour could be a bit darker.  Very good topline.  His chest need a bit time in deep and wide, correct angulations.  Very good movement from the side and nice tail.  Good hair colour.

Puppy Dog (1 entry)

1st – Ekvar Hell Raiser (Roos)
Very nice 9 months old puppy.  Very good size and bones.  I wish a bit finer, more lean head special the skull.  Very good topline, nice proportions, his chest is wide enough need a bit deeper but it comes with age.  Correct angulations, very good movement.  I wish more equable colour, hope will be better when he changes his coat.

Junior Dog (0 entries)
Intermediate Dog (3 entries, 2 absent)

1st – Riversby Ganache Giorgio (Ward)
Intermediate In Show
Very elegant, good breed type. Middle size with good bones and excellent proportions.  Very nice head, may be wish a bit darker eye.  Excellent topline underline.  Good angulations, may be behind a bit too much for me.  Nice tail set, very nice coat colour and quality.  Very good mover from the side a bit narrow from behind.

Australian Bred Dog (4 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Habanero Whisky And Rye (Frew)
Reserve Challenge Dog / Australian Bred In Show
Very good size and bones.  Excellent breed type and coat colour.  Very nice dark eyes.  Wish a bit more lean head 
specially at the part of the jaw.  Correct body.  Very good mover from side and back too.

2nd – Graebrook I Am Legend (AI) (Graebrook Kennels)
Big strong dog (a bit too big for me) I wish shorter and straighter muzzle.  Very good eye colour.  Nice long clean neck, nice strong back.  From the front view his front can be more parallel.  Good angulations, moves well.

3rd – Ch Gamecall The Ocean Tayke Me (AI) (Hine)
Middle size or smaller dog.  I wish more type head specially straighter and not so deep muzzle.  Very nice clean neck, good strong back, good angulations before and behind.  Don’t show himself really free when moves.

Open Dog (3 entries)

1st – Sup Ch Graebrook Kausin Kaos TDX ET (Graebrook Kennels)
Challenge Dog
Excellent type and size.  Excellent coat colour.  Very nice head but for me a bit wide and strong in jaws.  Nice eye colour.  A bit straight in front comparing with his great rear side.  Excellent mover

2nd – Ch Riversby Baisel Banjo CCD (Roos)
A smaller very nice, very elegant dog.  Wish slightly stronger bones.  A bit pointers because his deep stop and sloping topline.  Great mover.  Excellent colour

3rd – Ch Zisunka Ace High CD TD RA (Robinson)
Bigger strong bones dog.  His head is too strong for me in wide and deep.  Wish a bit better topline.  Very nice deep and enough wide body, good angulations before and behind.  Good mover.

Neuter Dog – (1 entries)

1st – Tanashka Nemes Ertekes Otto (Quinn)

Baby Puppy Bitch (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Riversby Leco Chinook (Ward)
Baby Puppy In Show
Beautiful, lovely breed type puppy.  Excellent head shape from the front and from the side too.  Very nice colour.  Excellent topline, excellent angulations before and behind.  Great movement for her age.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2 entries)

1st – Riversby Sukaan Shiraz (Robinson)
Minor Puppy In Show
A really nice puppy, very nice type head.  Long clean neck, excellent topline, enough deep for her age, very good angulations before and behind.  Moves well.

2nd – Riversby Sukaan Sochi (Ward)
Nice puppy.  her head is not so good as #1.  A bit too much stop and shorter force.  In this stage her chest not enough deep but it will drop later.  I prefer the front of #1.

Puppy Bitch (4 entries, 2 absent)

1st – Metropolis Honorer The Ode (Staniforth)
Puppy In Show
Very nice, excellent breed type, excellent shape.  Nice head nice dark eyes.  Very very good topline, nice deep brisket, good well balanced angulations.  Moves well.

2nd – Ekvar Ginger Ninja (Roos)
A bit small puppy comparing with her age.  her head and expression could be better.  Good topline, not enough deep body.  Wish more parallel front from the front view.

Junior Bitch (9 entries, 2 absent)

1st – Ch Graebrook Colour Me Happy (Cox)
Reserve Challenge Bitch / Junior In Show
An eye catching beautiful bitch.  Very elegant and noble.  Nice head, dark eye, everywhere correct balanced body.  She has only one fault, too dark brownish colour.

2nd – Metropolis Fanfarede Flair (Staniforth)
Very nice type bitch.  Her head a bit too wide behind the eyes and at the jaws.  I wish a bit stronger bones.  Excellent mover, excellent hair colour.

3rd – Ch Gamecall Rhythm Of The Waves (Morris)
Very pretty bitch.  Her head not the type what I wish for a Vizsla bitch, because her muzzle is too deep and the jaws are too wide for me.  Her angulation could be in better balance.  Moves well.

Intermediate Bitch (3 entries)

1st – Ch Calsdreamin All About The Base (Roos)
Very good breed type with very nice head and nice shape of muzzle.  Nice dark eyes, correct topline.  Her brisket need a bit time to drop down.  Very well angulated, excellent mover, excellent colour.

2nd – Ch Gamecall Tayke Another Breath (AI) (Hine)
Bigger stronger bitch.  Preferred the head of #1 because the topline of her muzzle goes down and too deep.  Nice clean nick, good straight back a bit low tail set.  Good deep body, well angulated.  Moves well.

3rd – Ch Tanashka Nemes Ilka (Barnard)
A smaller bitch, who is very pretty just I wish a bit stronger bones and lighter colour.

Australian Bred Bitch (4 entries)

1st – Ch Erdos Read My Lips (Roos)
A bitch in good size and balance.  She has a bit down nose.  Nice body good colour, moves well.

2nd – Ch Graebrook Single White Female (Graebrook Kennels)
Good size bitch with a bit down nose.  Slightly straight front, good topline.

3rd – Riversby De Laicee Laine (Ward)
Good size bitch with a bit pointers head.  I wish better one coloured coat.  Correct balanced body.  Moves well.  Wish a bit better paws.

Open Bitch (3 entries)

1st – Ch Riversby Baisel Birdy ET (Ward)
Challenge Bitch / Open In Show
Very very nice real Hungarian type.  Very nice type, feminine real Vizsla head, beautiful long clean neck, good balanced, correct body with nice front feels and paws.  Moves well.

2nd – Ch Graebrook Imagine (Graebrook Kennels)
An other very nice good type bitch, I prefer the head of #1.  The reason of a bit too deep muzzle and wide jaws.  Excellent topline a bit high tail set.  Nice deep body, well angulated front and rear.  Moves well.

3rd – Sup Ch Graebrook Shushienae TD ET (Wills)
Very nice, elegant overall correct.  The only thing what for me could be better is her head.  Wish straighter topline of muzzle and not so strong jaws.  Moves very well.

Neuter Bitch – (2 entries)

1st – Ch Gamecall Lapua Subsonic (AI) (Hine)
Neuter In Show

2nd – Ciganyoz Enya TD RN (Turner)


Brains & Beauty: Ch Riversby Baisel Birdy ET

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