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    Ch Elettars Rock Your Baby


13 October 2019

Baby Puppy Dog – (6 entries)

1st – Elettars Feelin Alright (Johnson/Winch)
2nd – Daingeann Trillium (AI) (Marsden)
3rd – Metropolis Quest For Glory (AI) (Hanney)

Minor Puppy Dog – (1 entry, absent)
Puppy Dog (2 entries)

1st – Elettars Little Red Rooster (Johnson/Winch)
Puppy in Show

2nd – Metropolis Noel Quickdraw (AI) (Hanney)

Junior Dog (1 entry)

1st – Graebrook Next Gen (Graebrook Kennels)
Junior in Show

Intermediate Dog (0 entries)
Australian Bred Dog (5 entries)

1st – Sup Ch Hubertus Dream Deal (Pali/Blaik)
Australian Bred in Show

2nd – Metropolis Kangourou Mon Cher (AI) (Hanney)
3rd – Ch Graebrook Cut Me Loose JC (Graebrook Kennels)

Bred by Exhibitor Dog (1 entry)

1st – Ch Elettars Rock Your Baby (Johnson/Winch)
Challenge Dog / Bred by Exhibitor in Show

Open Dog (5 entries)

1st – Sup Ch Elettars Super Trouper (Johnson/Winch)
Reserve Challenge Dog

2nd – Sup Ch Hubertus The Real Deal (AI) (Pali/Blaik)
3rd – Sup Ch Graebrook Kausin Kaos ET TDX (Graebrook Kennels)

Neuter Dog (1 entry)

1st – Ch Shaunuff Qanda (Shaw)
Neuter In Show

Baby Puppy Bitch (5 entries)

1st – Erdos Art Of Gold (Marsden)
Baby Puppy In Show 

2nd – Metropolis Patiarch Paloma (AI) (Hanney)
3rd – Metropolis Patiarch Adored (AI) (Hanney)

Minor Puppy Bitch (1 entry)

1st – Elettars Real Wild Child (Johnson/Winch)
Minor Puppy in Show

Puppy Bitch (5 entries)

1st – Metropolis Noel Noel (AI) (Hanney)
2nd – Metropolis Noel Honey Honey (AI) (Staniforth)
3rd – Graebrook All About Soul (Graebrook Kennels)

Junior Bitch (2 entries)

1st – Erdos Broken Halo (AI) (Marsden)
2nd – Metropolis Memorialjoiedevivre (Hanney)

Intermediate Bitch (2 entries)

1st – Metropolis La Carte Blanche (AI) (Hanney)
Challenge Bitch / Intermediate in Show

2nd – Graebrook Lorelei (Graebrook Kennels)

Australian Bred Bitch (3 entries)

1st – Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Beaucoup (AI) (Hanney)
2nd – Ch Elettars Lay Lady Lay (Johnson/Winch)
3rd – Gr Ch Gamecall Rhythm Of The Waves RN (Kettleton)

Bred by Exhibitor Bitch (1 entry)

1st – Ch Metropolis La Tour De Force (AI) (Hanney)

Open Bred Bitch (4 entries)

1st – Ch Shaunuff Whole Lotta Love (Johnson/Winch)
Reserve Challenge Bitch / Open in Show

2nd – Ch Metropolis Avant Tout (Hanney)
3rd – Ch Graebrook Colour Me Happy (Cox)

Neuter Bitch (2 entries)

1st – Ch Metropolis Fanfarede Flair TDX (Staniforth)
2nd – Ch Gamecall Making Waves RA (Hine)


‘Brains and Beauty’ (Best Exhibit with Performance Title): 
– Gr Ch Gamecall Rhythm Of The Waves RN
Best Gait: Metropolis La Carte Blanche (AI)
Best Head: Metropolis Kangourou Mon Cher (AI)

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