On this page is a list of dogs who have obtained excellence in conformation and/or those who have obtained Dual or Triple Champion status as per ANKC regulations.
A PDF copy of Section 7 of the regulations can be viewed here.

To achieve a Dual or Triple Champion title dogs must first have their Conformation Title (Ch) which consists of obtaining 100 challenge points in the show ring.


Legend of titles is set out below:
Gr Ch (Grand Champion) = 
1,000 conformation challenge points
Sup Ch (Supreme Champion) = 1,000 conformation challenge points + 3 Best Exhibit in Show or 10 Best Exhibit in Group wins
DC (Ag600) = Champion in both Conformation and Agility
DC (F) = Champion in both Conformation and Field Trialling
DC (O) = Champion in both Conformation and Obedience
DC (T) = Champion in both Conformation and Tracking
Tri Ch = Champion in Conformation and two other disciplines (ie: Tracking/Track & Search/Obedience etc)

If you feel an error has been made or there are dogs not listed, please let us know by emailing the details.

2024Sup Ch Elettars Insurgent (Richards/Winch/Johnson)
Sup Ch Graebrook All About Soul ET (Graebrook Knls)
Sup Ch Graebrook Rebel Withouta Cause (Graebrook Knls)
2023Gr Ch Batorok Mulberry Affair (K Kettleton)
DC (T) Gamecall Spring Tides RA CD ET TSD (M Moloney)
Tri Ch (Ag Ch/Ag Games) Graebrook Dublin Rogue UG RA QND ADO ADM JDO JDM GDM SDM SPDM TKN (L Sedgmen)
Tri Ch (T/TS) TS Gr Ch Kenoz Rockstar Blues (AI) (P Hallam)
Sup Ch/DC(T) Hanafor The Enforcer (AI) (B Kerrison)
2022Sup Ch Aceweis Kiss The Girls At Heiderst (Aceweis/Heiderst Knls)
Gr Ch Batorok Moonlight Perfection (K Kettleton)
DC(T) Belabartok Classic Tonic (AI) (T Knox)
Gr Ch Ekvar Hell Raiser (I Roos)
Gr Ch Elettars Lay Lady Lay (Winch/Johnson)
Gr Ch Graebrook Duke Of Hazard (AI) (D Sheekey)
Sup Ch/DC(T) Graebrook Kausin Kaos ET (Graebrook Knls)
Tri Ch (T/TS) TS Gr Ch/Neut Ch Hubertus Ginger Spice ET (A Pali)
DC(T) Metropolis Fanfarede Flair CD RE ( I & J Staniforth)
Sup Ch Shaunuff Whole Lotta Love (Winch/Johnson)
2021DC(T) Graebrook Quintessential ET (D & A Abell)
DC(T) Kenoz Csarina Mishkja (AI) (C Austin)
2019Gr Ch Gamecall Rhythm Of The Waves RN (K Kettleton)
Gr Ch Graebrook Colour Me Happy (A Cox)
Tri Ch (T/RO) Hananero Grof Markus CDX RM TSD NRA (A Dobson) (Wirehaired Vizsla)
DC(T) Hanafor Alspice Grantham (F Tranter)
Sup Ch Hubertus Dream Deal (Pali/Blaik)
2018Sup Ch Elettars Super Trouper (Winch/Johnson)
Sup Ch Hanafor Alspice Wroxton (Harris & Stading)
Gr Ch Heiderst Orange Isth New Black (AI) (Aceweis/Heiderst Knls)
DC(T) Kenoz Rockstar Masterpiece (R & C Austin)
DC(T)Kenoz Skyler White ET (R & C Austin)
Gr Ch Riversby Baisel Banjo CCD RN (I Roos)
2017Gr Ch Agasvari Tristans Izolda (K Eory)
DC(T) Graebrook Daemon (R Brooks)
Sup Ch Hubertus The Real Deal (AI) (Pali/Blaik)
DC(T) Iceana Orinoco Flow ET (M Gourlay)
DC(T) Kenoz Rose Gold (AI) (P Hallam)
2016Sup Ch Gamecall Emerge (J & S Hine)
DC(T) Kenoz Cosmic Star (R & C Austin)
DC(T) Tanashka Vadosz Amber CCD RN (M Moloney)
DC(T)/Gr Ch Vincentoria Visionaire CCD RA ET (R Fowkes)
2015Gr Ch Aceweis I Am Sam I Am (Aceweis/Heiderst Knls)
Gr Ch Asuare Blue Waters (D & P McGilvray)
DC(T) Graebrook Magic Spell (T Knox)
Sup Ch Graebrook Sushienae ET (C & J Wills)
Sup Ch Hanafor Magdari Denzel (F Harris)
Sup Ch Hubertus Rodeo Drive (A Pali)
2014Sup Ch Graebrook Lord Ofscandal (Graebrook Knls)
2013Gr Ch Aceweis Yabba Dabba Do (Aceweis/Heiderst Knls)
Gr Ch Agasvari Brilliant Jazz (K Eory)
Gr Ch Graebrook Withoutremorse (V & A Marsden)
DC(T) Hubertus Heaven Sent (AI) (S Bowright)
Sup Ch Hubertus On The Avenue (A Pali)
Gr Ch Kimlise Reilly Viane (S Jolly)
DC(T) Kooloomurt Conda Ari ET ( C & Wills)
2012DC(T) Abbiestar Caisse Dépargne RN ET (J Washington-King)
Gr Ch Agasvari Licensed Towin (K Eory)
Gr Ch Daingeann Padraig (B Mitchell)
DC(T) Gamecall Bellbrook Georgiasna (Staples/Taylor)
Sup Ch Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp UK) (F Harris)
Gr Ch Hanafor Barett Bailey (C Wittick)
DC(T) Hanafor The Xtrovert (T Knox)
DC(T) Shotfall Breunor JD ET) (P Hallam)
2011Gr Ch Hubertus Yahoo CS Royale (A Pali)
2010DC(T) Belarbartok Always Hattie CCD ET (T Knox)
DC(T) Kimlise Verdi Chardy CCD (N Vale)
DC (Ag) Hanafor Rousel Vieri NRD RRD UG CDX ADM ADO JDM JDO SPDM GDM SDM (L Sedgmen)
DC(F) Hubertus Pannoniai Fitos (IID) ET (A Pali)
2009Gr Ch Hubertus Eagle Rock (A Pali)
Gr Ch Hubertus Electric Dreams (Winch/Johnson)
DC(T) Hubertus Glenfiddich ET (Baker/Pali)
DC(T) Vizamy Ebony TD (J Dunston)
2008DC(T) Gamefinder Pyrotechnic (S Turner)
DC(T) Gylden Trad Sirena (R Brooks)
Gr Ch Hubertus Jackpot (Winch/Johnson)
Gr Ch Hubertus Narniia (R Newman)
Gr Ch Iceana Gold Point JD ET (M & S Mallinson)
2007Gr Ch Hubertus Double Trouble (A Pali)
Gr Ch Hubertus Fun N Games (Schweier/Pali)
Gr Ch Szepzeg Tequila Sunrise (I & JA Furlong)
2006Gr Ch Daingeann Kobi ET (H Mosslar)
Gr Ch Graebrook Dzin Mzooni (Graebrook Knls)
Gr Ch Hanafor Ysabeau Elyot ET (Barnett/Heiderst Knls)
Gr Ch Hubertus Bestillmy Heart (A Pali)
DC(F) Hubertus Pannoniai Ekes (IID) NRD (Ponzio/Pali)
DC(O) Sagax Run For The Roses ET (L Trotter)
Tri Ch (T/O) Wimballah Mr Shadowshift (C Wittick)
2005Gr Ch/NZ Ch Agashi Mystic Zsadra (K Eory)
Gr Ch Erdos Material Girl (Marsden/O'Malley)
DC(T) Hanafor Rousel Papagena AD JD (R Brooks)
Tri Ch (T/O) Hanafor Seint Edgar (A Salisbury)
Gr Ch Hubertus Dealers Choice (A Pali)
Gr Ch Hubertus Miss Moneypenny (J Shaw)
Gr Ch Tanashka Red Ochre Bazel (S & I Quinn)
2004Gr Ch Erdos By Design CCD ADX JDX SP GD SPD ET ( A & C Gallie)
DC(F) Hubertus Easy Rider (M Huehn)
Gr Ch Hubertus Sound Of Music (A Pali)
Gr Ch Szepzeg Funky Town ( I & JA Furlong)
2003DC(T) Eicol The Assassin CD ET (T Knox)
Gr Ch Hubertus Charlie Girl (J Shaw)
DC(T) Hubertus Touch Of Gold (V Temple)
Gr Ch Kiraly Zalan (R Best)
2002Gr Ch/NZ Ch Agasvari Diamonds Forever (K Eory)
Tri Ch (T/O) Hanafor Benbold Tamara (K Cisera)
Tri Ch (T/O) Hanafor Huxley Murrell (A Salisbury)
2001DC(T) Hanafor Phyn Phillida CDX (P Starnovsky)
Gr Ch Heiderst Sachmo (M & R Bush)
Gr Ch Hubertus Our Royal Flush (A Pali)
Gr Ch Jasmegon Rasabee Joanna (F Harris)
2000Gr Ch/Am Ch Ciganyoz Key Largo (AI) CD (D & S Metcalfe)
DC(O) Hanafor Vari Arabella (M Heemskerk)
Gr Ch Hubertus Hearts Onfire (A Pali)
1998Gr Ch Brenwich Shah (Salter/Meagher)
Gr Ch Hanafor Master Callaway (O'Malley)
Gr Ch Hubertus Cimeres Cegar (Pali/James)
Gr Ch Hubertus Special Editiion (AI) (Pali/James)
1996DC(O) Agasvari Draga Kincs (P Berry)
Tri Ch (T/O) Hanafor Miss Wickford (J Carter)
1995DC(O) Hanafor Wychton Winston (A Salisbury)
1994DC(O) Hanafor Ashburton (A Salisbury)
DC(F) Hanafor Royal Quest UD (B & M Rankin)
DC(O) Weitwood Gold Nizmo (A Salisbury)
1991DC(F) Hanafor Nyari Tama UD (B & M Rankin)
1989DC(F) Hanafor Elszant Nandi (D Urquhart)
1987DC(F) Hanafor Vitez Tobias ( W & K McKay)
1984DC(F) Mindenday Zsa Zsa (Imp UK) (W & K McKay)