Looking for a breeder

A responsible registered breeder is your best source of a well-bred, healthy dog. The breeder will carefully select the parents of each litter to emphasise desirable attributes and minimise faults in their progeny.

Most responsible breeders will not breed a litter without considering the advancement of the breed. Each litter should improve the quality of breeding stock, resulting in healthy puppies with improved breed soundness – that is, mental and physical health.

Buying from a registered breeder gives you the opportunity to interact with the puppy’s siblings and dam and, possibly the sire. You can therefore, form a general impression of what the future holds for your puppy.

Buying from a registered breeder means that you are part of an extended family and you will find that many of these breeders will have people return to them when they lose their much loved family members. Most breeders expect a call if the dog has a crisis so they can help you. This can be especially comforting for first time dog owners who cannot even imagine what kinds of questions they’ll have in the future.

Some people breed dogs only to produce puppies to sell. These individuals have no regard for the advancement of the breed and are motivated solely by profit. They have little knowledge of the breed, no mentor, no involvement and no consideration of the dogs that they are breeding. Bitches are bred young and often – frequently before they are two years of age. Most have no basic health testing, and they are not ‘tested’ in the show ring or performance arenas. The internet makes it easier for people to breed and sell puppies, sometimes with little or no credibility.

The Club receives many inquiries for information on the breed and puppy availability. Ros Leighton, the Club’s Puppy Registrar and Breed Information Officer, keeps information of litters due and can assist interested buyers. She also keeps information on people looking for rescue dogs or re-homes. Please feel free to contact her if you would like more information about any of these areas.

Thinking about a Vizsla puppy?

It’s easy to fall in love with puppies – who doesn’t? But we need to be sure that our life for the next 14 years will also fit a Vizsla – jobs, living arrangements and family commitments all come into play when planning how much time we’ll have for this adult dog for the next decade plus….  be sure that this is something you can imagine yourself doing.

No matter what you hear about Vizslas – many people are caught out by the overwhelming intensity of a Vizsla puppy and adolescent. Many of us have had the same experience… so it’s important to be prepared for the fact that it’s not Lassie who comes in the front door – it’s often more like Wolverine! There is not only a need to supply exercise for your puppy – but training is the biggest job that we’ll do with our Vizsla puppies… not just for the first months, but for a significant part of their adolescent and early adulthood as well, we’ll be reinforcing training and cementing the relationship. Not always an easy breed for first time dog owners, Vizslas do best with positive reinforcement/reward based training methods, consistency and patience.

There is much information on the internet that projects an overly positive picture of the suitability of Vizslas for all situations. Like all dog breeds, Vizslas can be great in homes where they are a good fit, but often the information is only half right… Contact the Club for information on the good AND not so good aspects of Vizsla ownership.

Still want to know about a puppy? 🙂

Not all puppies are created equal! Maximise your chances of owning a great dog with true Vizsla temperament and behavior, that will live a long happy life.

Contact the Club for advice and support, and find out what you are getting for your money. Contact Ros Leighton on 02 4841 0282

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