One of the saddest, yet most rewarding tasks the HVC of NSW performs is rescuing and helping to re-home unwanted Vizslas.

Some of these Vizslas are reluctantly re-homed from loving families who, for some reason, must give up thier dog – but some are Vizslas who have been dumped in the pound. There is an increasing number of these rescue and re-homed dogs, which is an alarming statistic. Fortunately, most of these dogs have been found loving new homes, and they settle in very well.

We encourage people thinking about taking a rescue or re-home dog to fill out the Rescue Questionnaire. People who want to re-home a dog should also contact the club for a questionnaire to complete about the dog and its characteristics/experiences. These help us to match up dogs and prospective owners.

The HVC of NSW believes there is a difference between a rescue and a re-home Vizsla. The HVC of NSW rescues these dogs, de-sexes the dog, assesses the temperament as carefully as possible, has the dog’s health checked and performs required health maintenance/treatment then sells the dog to an approved home for a suitable price.

A rescue Vizsla is:

  • One that has been rescued from a pound or animal shelter
  • Has been deemed by the Club to be at risk in its previous home.

A re-home Vizsla is one that currently has a home, but which for any one of a number of reasons must find a new home. The current and prospective owners negotiate arrangements between them. The Club strongly recommends a trial period be included in any agreement.

There are many possible reasons for a dog needing a new home and these can include, but not be limited to:

  • Boisterousness of the dog
  • The family is moving
  • A retired show or breeding dog
  • Family breakdown.

Can you help rescue or re-home a Vizsla? You might be thinking of giving a home to a young adult or older dog, or perhaps you might like to make a donation to the Rescue Fund.

If you are interested in adopting an older Vizsla (older than a puppy) please fill out the Questionnaire which not only informs the Club of your interest, but also helps you to know what is entailed in taking on a rescued Vizsla. The more information you give us, the better we will be able to match families with a Vizsla needing a new home.

Click here to read the stories of a few of the Vizslas that the Club has assisted recently.

For more information, please contact Ros Leighton.

Rescue & Re-home Application

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